Wife unknowingly became sugar baby

After having kids our marriage and relationship was stressful. Also my work kept changing and I wasn’t able to keep our family in the type of living situation she wanted. We barely got a home mortgage then realized our budget wouldn’t work and couldn’t keep getting money from family to help us. She finally got a few small jobs and we were getting by fairly well and she was happy. Bills paid and she had her own money in the bank. She started paying for vacations and nice Christmas. One job was a crazy old lady I heard to much about and had her doing all manner of things. I know that one is legit. The second went from a dog walker position to dog plus elder care for half a day. She was also getting food and gifts and keeping more quiet about that one. Turns out she was on a website sugar babies dot com. She had sexual encounters with a dozen men 3 years ago and ended up finding this old man we made a weekly client. The dog walking was the cover and she let this old man buy her s** toys he used on her as he plays with her body and she strokes his old p****. It’s so disgusting to think about that it’s been happening for 3 years. I’m pretty sure it’s the only guy she sees now but I can’t get over what she did or what is happening. Meanwhile our personal and physical relationship fell off 2 years ago. I’m mainly just here for my kids. I got to read through her emails a couple months ago and found all this information. Even if I got a way better job so she didn’t have to do this and we could work on our relationship. I’m not sure if I want to. I confronted her. She’s only doing it for the money. Says she is done with s** the rest of her life after this. And if I was a better provider this wouldn’t have happened. WTF

Feb 27

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  • This sure brings back bad memories from a few years ago.
    My wife is well-educated, very attractive, and very personable. We were doing okay financially with just me working and her doing a small online business. Also have two kids.
    Anyway, the company I was part of went bankrupt and we ended up having a difficult time financially. We argued more and more. She started to tell me I need to do anything to bring in money, but she wouldn't get a job to help for a little while. After that, it seemed like nothing I did worked out and I became increasingly depressed. She told me almost daily that I can't take care of my family and that I am worthless.
    She ended up getting a part time job working for this wealthy older guy (late 60s) and his wife (late 40s). We already knew them and he offered it to her. She'd do work for them around 10 to 15 hours per week. She made 5K+ per month. This helped, but we continued to fight and I continued having trouble finding any decent work. This went on for around 14 months.
    One day, I discovered she was meeting with another guy she knew and was cheating on me. After the confrontation over this, I discovered that she was f****** the older guy and his wife the past 14 months and even some of his friends. Further, she said this is completely my fault because I couldn't provide for the family. She said she had no choice. Bullshit! Needless to say, I divorced her. 5 years later, she is cruel and nasty. Still blames me for her actions.
    You need to divorce your wife. Yes, for what she did, but mainly because she can't accept her role in her choices. It's easier for her to blame you. I certainly had fault in my marriage, I am sure you do too. But you have to have some pride in yourself. From what you said, it will not get better. It's a f***** up situation. I wish you luck.

  • Wow. Was the wifey getting paid directly for any of this extra s**?

  • The f****** was the work she was doing. She's been a s*** all her life. I had no issue with her being that way. But it was the lying and selling her body that did it for me. Then the blaming me for her choices was the final straw. If she had told me they propositioned her, or that she was considering it, I would have done whatever was necessary so she wouldn't. Never had that choice.

  • Whoah, so the s*** part: was the wife s******* around behind your back with friends and co-workers throughout the marriage? Was she was getting promotions and better jobs by bending over the boss's desk with her panties around her thighs with the skirt rolled up?

  • We did sometimes play around with other couples and she f***** a few of my friends. Kind of a semi-open marriage. But nothing behind each other's back. She was also quite promiscuous when she was younger in Japan. When things got bad financially for us, she chose to w**** herself out instead of helping the household in any other way. I didn't know about what she was doing. When everything came out, she blamed me for what she did.

  • That sounds pretty hot especially for your friends. Wish I was your friend! Was she Japanese? That would be pretty hot for white guys at least. :)

    You should post your story as its own confession so its more widely read. May get some useful insights from other's in the same situation.

  • When my first wife and I got married, we had a landlord that was in his 70's.
    Over time, he made many sexual hints, what he didn't know was we had another couple we played with.
    One day he was teasing her about the tank top and shorts she was wearing, she asked him flat out if he wanted to see more of her.
    After some negotiations, he was letting us live rent free, but just looking, no f******.
    Then one day he asked her, we were watching her do a strip tease. I quoted a price, he pulled out his wallet, and that became a once a week thing, h***, he was f****** my wife as much as I was.
    After four years of that, he passed away, and left my wife the apartment building, so I guess he liked her. Turns out he had no living relatives.

  • Just love your wife and enjoy your life together, understand she was bringing money in to pay the bills

  • Don't tell him that. What he told us is both heartbreaking and very sad. There are very few men in 2022. Now I am not judging this man but if that were me I would have filed for divorce and than I would have choked that old donkey with a can of "Ensure"

  • When my wife was laid off, the bills started to pile up as my salary would not pay for everything. There was a job advertised at a small office near our apartment and my wife stopped in one day and asked about it. She came home and told me that she could have the job and the money would be great but the owner of the business wanted her to do things. I asked what things and she said that he wanted s** twice a week when the office closed for the day. I started to say no but my wife said that it would forfill my desire for her to have more sexual experience. My wife took the job and worked there for nearly five years being f***** about 100 times a year by her boss. My wife loved all the s** that she was getting from me and her boss!

  • My wife was working in a jewelry store, her boss bought her outfits to wear at work.
    Then he would take her into his office and have her try them on and model for him.
    She got a lot of raises while working there too. She insisted he never touched her, but I will always believe he did.

  • You really need to start f****** your wife good and hard. Put real passion back in the relationship. If that doesn’t work then find a new gal.

  • I got pregnant at an early age and we decided to get married. Both parents helped us while my husband worked for his dad's HVAC company. We were struggling to pay bills so I started doing a few house cleaning jobs and my mom helped babysit.
    We had one car because my husband's dad gave him a company truck.
    The car broke down and was in the shop. It was going to take $1000 to get it out. My brother was letting me borrow his car so I could continue working and not be without a vehicle. We'd leaned on our parents too much to ask for money. Plus, we figured we could have the money in a few weeks. My brother didn't care how long I used his spare car.
    I was cleaning for Mr. R when I got a call from the garage. They were going to start charging $25 a day for storage unless we picked up the car in two days.
    I freaked out and told Mr. R.
    He was 48 year old divorced guy that lived alone. He was tall, fit and attractive. He offered to give me an advance. I couldn't take that much from him.
    Please don't take this wrong. He didn't coerce me into anything. Things got flirty and I agreed to exchange s** with him for the advance. lol
    I agreed to have s** with Mr. R twice a week for one month. When the month was up, he started paying me extra for s** as a 'bonus'. lol This lasted a couple of years.
    I never got caught and my husband never found out how I had extra cash to buy things.

  • My wife f***** our roofer for half off on the bill. The job took more than a month and he was there every day, so he got her at least 30 times, so did his one helper.
    It took me over a year to find out, I was more p***** off at having to pay the guy anything at all than about the s**.

  • Hot. Did you sometimes bring slick creampies home to your husband without him even knowing? ;)

  • You are very resourceful, just keep it to yourself and keep loving your husband.

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