One of many Fantasies fulfilled P3

Any way I watched as he lowered himself between my wife's slim milky legs and could see her pink slit between her thighs which was looking ever so moist and the ** flaps all splayed open ready to receive his monster and his fist like head hovering over her love tunnel ! Keep in mind he does not know that she is conscious and thinks she is sedated and my wife thinks I am not at home ?
So I watch as his head starts to enter my wife's love tunnel and push her sidewalls open as it enters her and I noticed my wife's hips ever so slowly push up towards his advancing body while his ** is pushing it's way slowly into her body and watched his black shaft disappearing into my wife milky body via her pinkish entry and just did not seem to stop going in, such a petite body taking so my black ** into it , my wife was obviously relaxed inside and was taking as much as she could and he then started to pump in and out and as the head surfaced on each occasion you could see her ** entrance swell and then hug the shaft as it re-entered her and noticed her body shudder on numerous occasions and he blew his load inside her and it seemed un ending and got off my wife and took a few photo's of her still laying with her legs spread like a frog which she had maintained through out her fantasy, that final thought of her in the position his ** flowing from her love tunnel while he was dressing, called a taxi and left ! I pretended to arrive home after he had left and found my wife sleeping on her side still naked with her back to me pretending to sleep, It was so easy sliding into her ** with all the ** and the stretching that had taken place and I am not sure if she even felt me in her ? But nothing has been said and my wife acted as if nothing had happened but I have mentioned if she would like to try and have **'s with a black guy and she seemed very interested judging by the wetness of her ** during foreplay and have noted she discreetly masturbates quiet a bit more since that time !

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One of many Fantasies fulfilled P2

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  • You really hit a home run with that mutual fantasy fulfillment. Of course your nubile wife wants more, and she will get it. You would be wise to prepare for a smaller part in her life and possible interracial pregnancy- please keep us advised.

  • Josiegal ------How much did you like feeling the pressure on your belly when he was inside you -?-----------------did your belly tingle as much as your ** ?

  • I’m tingling just reading this, girth is underrated in my opinion, I prefer it over length any day of the week ;)

  • I meant to say the experience made you feel not me personally

  • I am pleased I made you feel that way because that is what I was feeling whilst sharing this experience on here , it still turns me on knowing that no one except me knew exactly what went on !

  • Me too, feeling the pulsating ridges of a lovely thick ** thrusting against the walls of my ** any day!!

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