I got spanked by my friend and I moaned when he did.

I was at my friends what is a boy it was night and I want to bed. I woke up and slap him on the back of his neck for the 12 time this week. He take my hand and put me over his knee I was like “what are you doing” he pull down my pants and underwear I was like “ayo let me go” he spank me with his hand “it don’t even hurt” I say, he take off his belt and spanked me with it. And I was like “ Haah... Uugh.. Aaah... Mmmfffp! Unnf. Mmm-ahh. A-aahh... Ahn... Mngh-ph! Uhmn. Ah. Nnnf. A-a-ahhmmn. Ah. Ah. Nnhg Uh-uhh. Haahhh. Mmmm-mmh. Nnmm...” he was going faster and faster the more I moan I keep doing with the moans. And he was longer and longer the longer I moan. I was like “Daddy no” he keep spanking into my but cheeks was red like a apple. I started to cry. He look happy to see me cry, I try to move but the more I try the more he spank my but cheeks. My but cheeks was red but he wanted me to be in pain, I was still moaning after sometimes he stopped he say “will that you get what you slap my neck” I was in pain I was not able to sit down. But we joke about It.

Mar 7

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