The wet spot

I read a story on here about how gross guys are so I thought I would share mine.
My friend and I were sharing a bed after the bar and her boyfriend was supposed to sleep on my floor, I could hear them whispering and felt the bed moving, I could tell he had slid into bed beside her, A little more movement and she whispered "You have to be fast". I felt him put his hand on my back and then he slid it over my side, Under my arm and into my top, He cupped my b*** while he was banging my friend and then took his hand off my b***, Slid it down my back, Between my cheeks and I wanted to clench my thighs and cheeks but didn't want him to know I was awake.
He rubbed his finger around my butt hole and then slid it between my legs and slid a finger in me from behind, I wanted to cry I was so mad but I just laid there, Like 20 seconds later he whispered "I'm gonna come", She whispered "F***, Not inside" and he pulled his finger out of me and I felt something warm, Wet and gross hit my butt and back, I held back my gagging and almost puked. They laid there and kissed as he rubbed his hand on my butt and back and I had to lay there in the wet spot trying not to puke or cry until finally I could hear him snoring and snuck out of bed, I went downstairs and showered and was so mad I just slept on the couch.
My friend is p***** at me because my parents knew she had slept in my room with her boyfriend and no one believes he slept on the floor when I wasn't even in the room so now she is in s*** with her parents but whatever, I don't care.

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  • This is all disgusting plp .,.

  • At least your story recieved many thought provoking and insightful comments.

  • Lemme f******

  • You're hot

  • I'd f****** you

  • I'm gonna abuse your a s s hole

  • Little s l u t

  • F****** you b I t c h. I want to c u m on you too!

  • I want to touch your a s s

  • I want to c u m on your back

  • I was imagining I was the guy

  • This story made me so hard

  • This is amazing

  • I'm f****** throbbing

  • You make me wet

  • I'm h**** for you

  • Damn I'm hard

  • So f****** hot. Wanna f***?

  • As far as your BF and supposed friend goes...NEXT! Fire them both you will be better off than putting up with treatment such as that.

  • This story made me hard

  • Yeah bro I'm tryna c**

  • I want her a s s I want to c u m

  • I wanna f****** her hard

  • Imma p I s s on her

  • F****** her face

  • Yeah throat f****** her

  • F****** I n g destroy her

  • Destroy her womb

  • Destroy her a s s hard

  • P I s s in her mouth

  • Disgusting b I t c h

  • Destroy her mouth

  • Destroy her face

  • Drown her in c u m

  • Inpregnate her

  • Fill her up

  • Destroy her vag

  • Make her bleed

  • Rip her hole

  • Make her suffer

  • Guzzle my c u m

  • Love her

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