What should I do?

I'm 14 years old and I have a slight predicament. This year I have started talking to one of the guys in my class. We have become close friends and we talk and text a lot. We also tell each other everything. Sometimes I feel like maybe we tell each other too much, as an example he tells me when he has a h******. I have also seen pictures of him in his underwear with an erection. I also told him he turned me on and that I wanted to have s** with him. This all led into a long conversation but instead of confronting what I said he went along with it until he said he was jerking off and wanted to know what I was wearing at the time. I told him what I was wearing and enjoyed the thought for some reason. Everyone accuses us of dating or in some cases having something "Going on" but I just tell them no. Sometimes I get excited because I think he is going to ask me out and then he just doesn't. Once he even asked if I ever thought about having a boyfriend and when I tell him I didn't know he said, "Well I don't". All in all, I'm just getting really mixed signals from him. We flirt all the time but most of the time one of us says we are just "Being Weid". He is really confusing me and its starting to upset me because I feel like I am being lead on and I don't like it. I have even tried to stop talking to him, but I just can't help myself. Should I keep talking to him? Should I ask him what his real intentions are? Or should I just try to stop talking to him again? Please give me some advice!

Mar 12

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