Why Do You Think You Are You So Special

The world is full of products to add to conceived beauty or to take away to make more beautiful. WTF???

Let's see, almost 8,000,000,000 people in the world. Just under 51% male and just over 49% female.

Of all the people in the world, everyone has a butt. Yep,everyone. Nothing special there.

Of all males in the world, they are all male. Come in a basic modle equipped the same with differences in size and superficial things that change with maturity.

Of all the females in the world, they are all female. They too come in the basic model equipped the same except for size with differences in size and superficial things that change with maturity.

While the basic models may appear somewhat different in height, weight, hair and skin coloring, and intellect, they are still the same except one is male,and one is female.

Being that all females are basically the same and all males are basically the same, what the h*** makes one of them more special than the next one? Nothing.

Over a period of years, advertising, social pressures, laws, and if course religion have been telling you what is acceptable when it comes to being a natural self. The world advanced through history with humans wearing no clothes for a lot longer than they have been covered up. Women especially have had a shorter history of covering. Those changes came primarily through religion forced through by men who were pretty insecure about women in general. They created all kinds of unsubstantiated claims to control the women. They removed the normalcy of nudity and made it taboo. Never in their quest to control did they teach respect because that would go against their fears.

Imagine a world were fashion was no longer a competition and textiles only used for protection in a job place if needed. Textiles used in colder climates but only for the unheated outdoors. Imagine a world were respect became the priority and judgement for any superficial things was a thing of the past. Parents that teach their children not to be judgemental if anyone who is not hurting them personally. To respect others first and foremost unless given a reason not to.

All this I'm better than you because I hide my blemishes better will come to an end. Body acceptance will be the norm and people can just go about their business.

I am a Naturist. I am not a nudist or exibitionist. I live freely, naturally and comfortable with my body including those things that others may consider flaws. It is all just natural to me. I save a fortune on clothes and laundry. I am not out to impress anyone. I am just me and appreciate anyone who respects that.

Mar 12

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  • Weird how you aren't here to impress or convert anyone, but yet you still talk.

    We can't have respect without some form of judgement, that's just natural fact. Look at animals if you're a "naturist" (which btw, means nudist by actual definition.) and realize that animals judge and are prejudiced even moreso than us.

    If you want to be the person who eats or abandons the disabled kids you produce, be my guest, because that's how nature does things more often than not.

    Also, we literally have evolved to be used to clothes. ever wonder why we don't have hair all over anymore? Don't be f****** stupid, seriously. I get where you are coming from with the hippy peace and love s***, but nature is neither peace nor love, so don't look to it for an example. Nature is the cruelist m*********** you will ever meet.

    F****** dumbass lmao

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