Learned it from mom

I treat women badly. And i didn't learn it from an abusive father, but my mom. Dad left when I was maybe 8 years old. My started drinking and she lost her job, then we lost the house. We moved into one of those public housing places. Mom spent her evenings at a nearby bar and guys were constantly bring her home. Sometimes she would be passed out drunk but the guys didn't care. They would pull he clothes off and f*** her passed out or not. It was a tiny one bedroom place and the guys didn't care I was there.
I won't go into everything I saw but imagine this. How would you like to be a 12 year old standing the the bedroom doorway watching 6 black men running a train on your mom. They cheered and laughed as they did disgusting things to her.
Fast forward to present time. I seem to have a need to use and abuse my girlfriends. I seek out girls that will take it. Not just rough, degrading s**. I share my girlfriend with my buddies. It gets me even more aroused when I can break her to the point she cries and begs me not to do something. It's even better when I make her!

Mar 19

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  • I think you're full of s***. Especially when you drop the cliche '6 black guys'.

  • OK purple guys for the stupid critic. Drinking led to drugs, and if you have ever been to a housing project the dealers usually are not white. Like I said I left a lot of stuff out that I witnessed. When you are a girl there are ways to get the drugs without going to an ATM.

  • OK YOU WIN! WTF!!!

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