Ursula taught me something I never thought I needed to know

I didn't do well in college and dropped out my freshman year. I had to get a job and the motel was hiring a desk clerk and I got the 3-11 shift. It was me and two other girls. The one in question was Ursula, an older German girl who had married a military guy and was now single. Ursula was tall, and she had an Amazon body, all woman. One day when we were in the women's room she pulled her skirt up, at the motel we wore skirts and dress shirts, she pulled her skirt up and showed me her unpantied woman's world.

Being young I was more than shocked. She told me I could touch her. I was not only shocked I was frozen in place. She walked over still holding her skirt up and took my hand and put it between her legs. I had never touched another persons s** before, much less a woman's, my fear was the day I was going to have to touch some guys thing. Ursula told me that she thought I was the right kind of pretty and still holding my hand between her legs she kissed me.

That was my introduction to a world I had never dreamt of. A full size Amazon woman, with large b****** and big legs and hips, who took my head and held it against her woman's world. Who took me in her arms and kissed me. Who took my small chest and kissed my nipples. Who took her fingers to explore the deepest most intimate part of me. Who rolled me up in her bed and declared her love for me.

Gone were the days of worrying about a guy, what would I do when a guy held me down? what would I do when a guy forced his thing in my mouth? Things like that I had worried about. Not Ursula. She was all German, or what I thought of as German. Tall, all woman. And she liked little ol' me. Her thing, she said, was small girls. She always had a thing for small girls and here I was, just what she liked.

I went back to college the next year and got my degree and went on to a colorful career as a second grade teacher. I learned a lot from Ursula. Never say never, you never know what you are going to like, a man is not the answer to your prayers, you can find love in another woman's arms. Not Ursula's, not love. I found love in the arms of a girl named Anabelle. But that is another story, about not messing around at work. That's a bad idea.

Mar 13

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  • Great story. Glad you found your true path.

  • Either Ursula was trans or this is your idea of finally getting focced in the aaz like you always wanted. A girl with that body is some celebrity's secret fling.

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