In college I got a summer job as a night clerk at a big name hotel in Dallas. A cashier that worked the evening shift was welcoming. She limped, sometimes more than other times. I learned from her that she had been a stewardess for Southwest, the days of hot pants and moving their tails for you.

We crossed over about ten or fifteen minutes but always managed to talk. An art fair was in town and my day off coincided with hers and we decided to go. I picked her up in my beat up Olds, she came out with a cane. It was hot but she wore long pants. We walked around looking but not buying, to rich for our blood.

We found ourselves standing with her leaning against me, my hand cupping her breast. We stopped for a burger and then back to her place, her roommate a stewardess was out of town. We kissed, undressed her top, perfect b******, she wanted the lights off. With her pants off she let me position her to have s**. The next morning she was hesitant to get out of bed in the daylight.

With great difficulty she told me about the accident she had been in, her leg mangled, scared. Her self conscious behavior bordering on shame and fear. I pressed, exposed her, her leg terribly scared. I kissed her, made love to her again. But her embarrassment was such that having let me see her injury she didn't speak to me again.

Mar 26, 2022

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