I would never have married her if I hadn't broken my legs

It happened to me. I was in a skiing accident and broke both legs, my femur and my tibia in the other leg. I was operated on for the break in the femur and woke up with casts on both legs. I was bedridden, without help I couldn't get up. My downstairs neighbor, a stewardess for Continental Airlines, took over. She took leave to feed me, wash me, dress me, undress me, and wipe my **. When I was able to navigate into a wheelchair she took me outside for some sun. People noticed so she got a nurse's uniform and dressed as my nurse when she walked me around.

It was long after the pain medication was gone, and one day while she was washing me down, she spent a few minutes longer with my ** and then put it in her mouth. She told me not to expect her to let me put it in her **. She just wanted to see what the big deal was about sucking a man's **. After my last operation, and I was recovered enough for crutches (my tibia had healed much earlier so I had one good leg) she told me that she had decided to see what it was all about. She got me hard with her hand and her mouth, and she straddled my lap and let herself down. 'if I get pregnant you will have to marry me'.

That child is now 27 years old, and he has two younger brothers and a sister. A hippie mother and carefree father. We live off of her trust fund and we run a small shop for hand made leather goods.

Mar 15

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My future husband always licked my ** before I left

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