Ending it

I want it to end. I want to die.

The pain is too much. Physical and mental. All I want to do is
watch myself

Mar 27

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  • If you see this If you haven't done it don't it's wrong talk to someone alot of this comments are f***** up ignore it and get better

  • I'm reading some of these comments and they're straight up s*****, don't do it. You have so much life ahead of you, and you can't use a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It gets better, I promise. I have experienced pain like that too, and the way that I dealt with it is remembering the special moments in life and the people I love. Don't end it when the story isn't over.

  • Anybody posting here isnt gonna do it ... just trying to get attention and that is if was a real post to begin with.

  • Make it brutal, freak. You had one life to live now you have one chance to leave in glory.

  • Muthafucka you gay. I know you a tranny. There's no stage after this one. Just off yerself woop.

  • Go f*** yourself homophobic c***

  • Hey baby wanna f***? There's the fascist tranny boy that wants to off itself. *giggles* Come on baby, my p****'s starvin for meat.

  • Same boat man/doll. Maybe we could do it together.

  • You're still a hetero punk aren't you? Before the two of you win the Russian Roulette together, make sure you f*** that nasty looking transvestite in its gay r*****, since you love gay femboy nazis so much.

  • Ok you have permission ... go ahead , have fun.

  • Don't do it.

  • Tomorrow can be better

  • Please contact a therapist. People sometimes feel this way in life, especially when they have been through h***! You need a drastic change. Try something new please. God Bless You dear one.

  • There's no therapy for stage 4 homosexuality (male-to-female transgenderism). Stage 5 is death. Sodomy means going in a centrifuge into the abyss. Once a sodomite goes far enough, only Death awaits him. My name is Ann Coulter's Adams apple, and I second my fellow tranny Lauren Boebert's weirdly-shaped cameltoe.

  • Please don't

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