I let her try it.

My room mate and I were drinking last weekend and after we got home she got sort of weird, We were just hanging out, talking and what not and she brought up...Vaginas, She is like "Wha does yours look like" and carrying on, I am not a shy person and I had already changed ito shorts and a tank top for bed so I spread my knees and pulled my shorts to the side and showed her.
She sat and looked and although it was a weird situation to be showing my room mate my v***** we are very close and have kown each other for 5 years, She stood up and pulled her pants down and showed me hers and said she liked the way mine looked better, I have what is reffered to as an "Innie" with more puffy outter l**** and no inner l**** showing where she has some...Not a lot by what I know of and have seen but some inner l**** showing.
So we are drunk, Showing each other our vaginas and she asked if she could touch it, I shrugged and said "I guess" and she reached over, Ran her fingers across the l**** and then pressed my c*** with her thumb, I gasped a bit and said "Hey, Hey now" and she giggled and said "What...I was just..." and I adjusted the way I was sitting and covered up, She spread her legs and said "You have a small c***, Mine is bigger" and I am willing to admit I was interested but more from a...Scientific point of view so I looked and I don't even know why but I reached out and rubbed it with my thumb, Yeah, Mine is small and not always the easiest to find for some who really probably don't try that hard to find it but...Whatever, and yes hers is more...Pronounced.
She had continued the conversation and I ended up back with my shorts around my ankles and sitting cross legged across from her sitting the same with no pants on, It was super weird now looking back with both of us just not wearing pants, Looking, touching and discussing each others vaginas. But....Then she said she had often wondered about being with a girl, I admitted it almost happened once in college with a mutual friend three years earlier and she got very interested, asked a few questions and asked if she could go down on me, At first I said no and then she offered (No strings attached, No return favours required, Never to be brought up again) I thought for a second and she looked at me and said "Yeah...Like...Just quick?", I was like "uuuuugh...Ok, Just quick" and she basically pounced on me.
I was like "Whoa, Whoa...Not here" and we went to her room, I was like "ok, Never a word to anyone?", She said "Of course not" so we jumped on the bed, I laid back and grabbed her pillow covering my face with it and spread my legs. Ugh, So weird and she was touching, Playing and rubbing, I pulled the pillow away and looked at her and was like "WTF Tara...Why are you naked?", She just laughed and said "uhhh...I don't know" so I just covered my face again, I felt her kissing my inner thighs and then felt her tongue and...Holy crap, It was way better than I expected and I ended up tossing the pillow and watching her as I finished and as I finished she basically wrapped her mouth right over it, Pinched my nip with one hand and moaned loudly as she was reaching back between her legs and finished herself with her other hand.
We laid there for a minute catching our breath and my stomach muscles were sore, I got up and went to my room and almost instantly passed out, The next morning I was a little apprehensive to come out of my room but when I did she was just normal, We talked a bit, Laughed, Had coffee and she left to go see her sister and everything has been totally good since so....Win win I guess???

Mar 30

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  • Nothing better than girl:girl action.

  • Muhammad, Abu Baker and all his companions had wild drugfuelled orgies every night. Fluck Islam!!

  • The power of Beelzebuth compelled the Muslims to kill, rape, pillage and destroy. Muhammad & his ragtag companions lost interest in each other after they discovered the cornholio. Fluck Islam!

  • Muhammad, Abu Baker and all his companions had wild drugfuelled orgies every night. Fluck Islam!

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