Cheating Bride

I cheated on my husband the day of our wedding two weeks ago. We only dated six months before deciding to wed.
But, have you ever had a relationship with someone that was so intense you just can't let it go. I had an old boyfriend and the s** was GREAT!! But we fought like cats and dogs so we never were able to stay together. Well I couldn't stop thinking about him. The day before my wedding I called just to talk and say goodbye. Well that led to meeting him the next day at a hotel.The morning of my wedding!
God it was amazing! As soon as we got in the door we tore each others clothes off and went at it like animals. Knowing I was about to get married to another man just made it hotter. We f***** like it was our first time all over.
After we got the first one out of the way, he looked me in the eyes and said "since this is out last time I have a surprise for you". He picked up his phone and sent a text. A minute later there was a knock at the door. I grabbed a pillow to cover up as he opened the door. And OMG his best friend walked in. My ex looked at me and said "we are going to give you one h*** of a send off". And boy did they!
My ex was always the kind of guy that didn't ask, if he wanted to do something kinky or adventurous with me he just did it. I could go down a list of things he was "the first" for. I remember losing my a*** cherry to him. Right in my parents house, with them in the house, asleep. He walked me in from a date and threw me over the kitchen table, pulled my skirt up and f***** me in the ass!
Sorry got kind of side tracked. I had known his best friend for years but it was a shock. There I was naked and sweaty in a hotel room with me ex boyfriend and a friend I had never had s** with. So, what the h***! For the next three hours they definitely took advantage of my h**** condition. God they did everything to me! I nearly passed out when the double penetrated me. Both of them are not small guys downstairs. I didn't think it was possible but they managed to get both their c**** in my p**** at the same time! They tried the same thing with my ass but there was no way!
When we were all worn out I felt so dirty. Laying there on a bed with c** on my face and in my hair. Not to mention at least three loads of c** the guys insisted on putting inside me as they joked about me getting knocked up.
I grabbed a quick shower and went straight to the church. I couldn't help think that I actually took my vows with my p**** leaking out c** from two men. After the wedding we spent the night in a hotel before catching a flight. As soon as we got to the room I tried to get in the shower but my new husband was super h****. He wanted to do me in my wedding dress. I was so nervous when he went down on my p****, but apparently he didn't notice anything wrong.
Two weeks married now. I do intend to be a good wife but I know I will never forget my ex.

Apr 6

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  • I had a final fling with an ex the day before my wedding.

  • Perfectly normal.

    I spent the week before my wedding with my old boyfriend

    As a matter of fact, even after 20 years my ex and I hook up when our spouses are out of time.

    I think my second child is actually my ex’s son. He has attributes very much like my ex

  • I f***** my husbands best man 2 days before our wedding.

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