I Have an ABDL Fantasy in Mind

I've been reading some web comics as of lately and I came across one ABDL web comic called "Emily's Babying" by PaddedUlf. To give you the run down of it's story, Emily's babying— a comic about a bratty cat getting a little tough love (and soft padding) to set her woeful ways straight!

The art is amazing and the story is entertaining. I wish I was the cat girl and my Mom wanted to baby me. I would want the boy version of that, because I am one. I can just imagine is now. I would act like I don't like the treatment, only making my Mother want to do it more, and I would secretly like it. Being treated like a diapered toddler.
As for my Dad, he would act like this is so weird for him, but he would secretly like treating me like the little boy he hasn't seen in a long time.

At school (or college for me), there it would be normal for there to be secret classes where the students get treated like preschooler and kindergartners who are still in diapers, yet are still learning the subjects that their actual ages need to learn. I would like to be friends with a girl like Elizabeth from the web comic, a super smart yet geeky girl with a love for comic books.

Now I have to ask, has anyone else read the web comic "Emily's Babying" by PaddedUlf? I want to know what you think of the characters and story. I like what she has so far. I wish I could be living her story in real life. I would act like a brat, only to be treated like the toddler I've become. I hope this makes sense to anyone.

Apr 8


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  • No comic reader here i love diapers

  • What brand of diapers do you wear?

  • I think you'll still like it. It's a cute story so far. Emily is so cute in her diapers. I love the artwork.

  • At least we have that in common.

  • At least been have that in common.

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