What a tangled web we weave

I love my situation but how I ended up here is a bit of a tangled road map if you will, 2 years ago my parents and I went on a vacation, It was the height of covid but my parents were able to find us a destination which we could still travel to, I met my husband and sister wife on that trip which is the tangled part.
I am 5'10", 135 pounds with an athletic build, DD's with white blond hair and crystal blue eyes, Yes that's how I describe myself, So we arrive, Unpack for our two week vacation and I hit the pool, My parents are not helicopter parents, they do their own thing and trust me to make good decisions which may be where some of this went a bit sideways, I was at the pool and getting my tan on and yeah, Ok, I was checking out dudes, Not a lot to look at but...there were a couple of decent ones but one caught my attention more than the rest. 6'4", 250 pounds, tattooed and in good shape, For a girl my height obviously a tall guy is attractive.
That night my parents and I went to the lobby bar for a couple drinks and I was done up with my hair and makeup and a nice dress on, My parents let me have a couple drinks and since they were allowing it after they went back to the room the waitress never even asked and just kept bringing me pina coladas, After about my third one the guy from the pool walked in with his wife and they sat a couple tables away, I kept looking over at them and she caught me looking, She is about 5'5", Slim and small chested, Golden blonde with green eyes.
I was about half done my fourth pina colada when he got up and left, A minute or so later she came and sat with me, We struck up a conversation and before I kew it we were laughing and talking, She asked me if I wanted to go walk around and I agreed, We ended up on the beach and just sitting, looking at the ocean and talking and then she said she should go to her room and as we stood up she kissed me. Whoa, Ok, My first girl/girl kiss and it was one of those moments where it just happened, There was no...I don't even know the word but it just happened and was like...Smooth, just a nice, Soft kiss.
When we pulled apart she took a deep breath and bit her lip, I got shy and so did she, She started to apologize and I told her "Don't, I liked it", She kissed me again and it was a bit more awkward but still good. We ended up walking a bit more and then found ourselves at the door to her room, She looked at me and I looked at her, We didn't even say anything and she opened the door, I followed her inside and we surpised her husband. We crawled onto the bed and he woke up, looked at her, Looked at me and then our clothes went flying and it got crazy.
I sneaked back into my room and went to sleep, I spent a lot of time with them over the next week and then they left to go home. We left and went home and then I got hit with a shocker, I was pregnant...The main issue...I was 17, I may as well add her that she was 23 and he was 26. I obviously had to tell my parents and when I did they lost their minds, My mom cried, My dad slammed things and then after the initial shock we sat down to discuss it, My mom asked me who the father was, I couldn't even lie as much as I wanted to but I couldn't I did't have another guy I could blame since...It was my first time, I didn't have a boyfriend and hadn't been with anyone anyway.
Looking into your moms eyes and explaining that you went home with a couple on vaction...4 times is an odd conversation to have. So I had not stayed in touch or gotten any contact information for them and had no way of cotacting them since I doubt any of us ever expected to see each other again but my dad, being the resourceful individual he is sat me and my mother down, Explained he had gotten their information and he wanted to contact them, I don't think at that point he wanted to "Nail" tham for child support or anything like that but it was his child and he wated to give him an opportunity to do the right thing.
I was not there for the conversation they had but my parents sat me down and told me we were going to have visitors and I don't think I have ever sweated as much as I did that week waiting, I was so nervous when they pulled into the driveway and the whole "Initial" meeting was a lot more friendly and calm than I expected, My parents left us after a while to talk and they explained that they needed to talk about it and discuss what was to happen, They left and went back to their hotel and came back the ext day. We went out and spent the day together, I texted my parents ad told them I would be staying at the hotel that night which I could tell they didn't like but what difference did it make at that point.
After a week together they went home and returned another week later and basically told my parents they wanted me to go live with them, My parents didn't like it but agreed and from there it progressed to where we are today, We are full on poligamysts and considering a third sister wife.

Apr 19

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  • As long as the child is being raised by loving parents and a supportive family, then all is well.

  • I've read a commentary on the Mohammedan faith, and frankly, I'm queasy on the matter. I don't know if I'd ever give up bacon and beer. All these Aladdin-themed buildings broadcasting songs in Arabic are quite tiring. It happens five times every single day, once just at dawn. Has council given them the required permits for that?

  • Relevance?

  • So looks like you don't actually make good decisions!

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