My Jewish friend and I explore a haunted house

He was making fun of me. I was talking about a haunted house in the neighborhood and he was pooh poohing the idea. I don't believe in ghosts either but after this I believe in something.

OK the house in question just happened to be less than a mile from where we were talking. The house belonged to the city so sometimes they left the door open. We drove there and as luck would have it the door was indeed unlocked.

Ok this large two story used to be a slave owners house. He grew cotton before during and after the civil war so the house was indeed old.

A woman at this house had been frightened out of her wits by running into an alleged ghost.

Ok exploring the lower story went ok but then we had to walk up the old creaking stairway to the second floor. Ok getting to the second floor went without incident and we explored the top portion of this house.

This went without incident until we were about ready to leave. We had explored a large room and the door was open when we left. The windows were tightly closed and no way the wind could have done this. Walking by the door the door slammed a loud KER BLAM behind us. I mean this door slammed hard. It was right behind my skeptical Jewish friend.

It scared the holy H*** out of us. We did have just enough nerve to find out why this had happened but nothing was there. Nothing that we could see anyway. We slowly went down the stairs and left the house. While we were leaving no one said anything to anyone.

We got to chattering outside and we decided to not go back into the house until it was occupied again.

Apr 27

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  • Probably because most slave owners were Jewish. Look it up

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