My wife left me for her a much younger guy

My wife and I have been married for 26 years, we live on a big land and I rent our place for weddings and events, I don't really have a job, so I do gaming.
My wife likes staying outdoors and I like being indoor, she likes working out and looks a lot younger. We have 2 grownup kids that have moved out.
I met this guy online around 6 years ago, we played together a few times, and one day I invited him over to our home.
Since then he has been a regular visitor, and I introduced him to my wife, they became friends and worked out everyday together.
I realised that he wasn't gaming with me very often and he was spending more time texting and working out with my wife.
Soon I realised that they were not just working out together, I immediately confronted my wife when I got to know, and I was very angry, I made her realise how wrong it was.
She had stopped working out with him after I had confronted with her. But I later realised that she was seeing him at the warehouse.
They secretly had affair for 3 years without my knowledge.
During the pandemic I got suspicious and found out that the affair was still going on, when I found them both having ** in the basement.
I was shocked to see them but I did not let them know that I saw them.
I later confronted my wife again, she was honest to me and said that they never stopped meeting after I caught them.
It took me some time but I agreed that she maintains this affair with him, because she needed it.
For the past couple of years they have openly had ** at my place even in my presence. I had accepted their relationship and didn't worry much because I thought my wife still loves me.
A year ago her boyfriend got a job that paid him well and he moved out of his parents house and stayed very close to our land.
My wife moved in with him after 3 months and I lost it. I talked to her about saving our marriage and she wasn't much interested in it, her affair was not a secret now, our daughter knew it and so do few of her friends.
My daughter didn't like me, so she supports her mother, but our son doesn't know and I'm sure he'll get mad when he finds out.
I respected their relationship, but when she moved in with him I asked her to end this affair or else she can end our relationship.
Things escalated and after a few months of disagreement she said she wants to file a divorce.
I felt helpless and lost, I didn't realise that it would end so bad. We got divorced and she got married to him a week before this post.
My son was furious when he found out this, my in-laws support me but I'm heartbroken.
Her husband is now 21 and she is 45, and only I know that she started ** him when he wasn't even 18, I know I can file this to the police but I didn't do it.
I could also prove it in the court because I have evidence. I don't want her to fall in trouble because she is expecting and I would discuss about this after she delivers the baby.
They got married because she got pregnant but I asked her to abort it and end this relationship with him also because she moved in with him.
She got pregnant after she moved out, I'm also worried about her health, I know it's not easy to conceive when you are in your 40s.
How embarassing it is when my daughter already has a 6 year old boy, my son has a 3 year old and my wife is still expecting a new one.
And my son is livid, and he is mad at me too.
It's too late for me to do anything now and I have no one to talk to.
This big piece of land seems so empty now, I miss her and I spend my days crying and thinking about her.

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  • You are the idiot letting her confine and f uck another guy, and 2 you were more worried about video games as an adult than your marriage. You let her down. Why dont u act like a man u say u r and win her back. You have to help raise that kid that you let her make .

  • She is already married

  • Well she definitely doesn’t miss you

    She found a nice, hard young ** she loves to ride. She is happy and living the dream.

    I am 50. Married for 26 years and would love what your wife has found

  • You need to find a happiness that doesn't depend on someone else.

  • Where ignorence is bliss it is folly to be wise.
    I don't see that her relationship will last longer with her new immatured husband.

    Keep in touch with her, in the mean time learn how to satisfy her in bed.

    Your day will come

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