I am horrified and humiliated

My 10 year old son had gonorrhea. My little boy who never acts out or misbehaves contracted the clap. Health officials have been asking questions because there are a number of children of his age and younger in the neighborhood who have this disease.

A couple of weeks on antibiotics cured him. He hasn't mentioned who gave it to him. When the doctors questioned him, he just shrugged and mumbled. When I questioned him he just giggled and blushed.

I don't know how this happened. I'm completely at a loss what to do.

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  • I finally got my son to open up about where he got the disease. It was a girl who lives in a foster home. She's two years older than my son but in the same grade and an "early bloomer" so she had no trouble in luring her classmates to "parties" in groups. My son lost his virginity to her last October and has attended these "parties" weekly ever since. I had trouble believing him until he showed me pictures on his computer that he took with his digital camera.
    I informed Child Protective Services and the Public Health investigators, and the girl was removed. But there are still children around here that she's corrupted. My son admits to having "sexed" 14 different girls and 3 boys. He still acts like my sweet boy, but now when I see him with his friends, I see things I didn't notice before, like the way some girls touch him or how they smile at each other.
    The price of earning my son's trust was a lie - that I had no objection to him being sexually active. I object and strongly, but if I try to stop him now he could sneak around and catch something worse than gonorrhea. At least he uses condoms now - he can wear the smallest ones, it seems. Now condoms are on my weekly shopping list. Just yesterday a friend of his - a girl - came over, they played outside a bit, then they went into his room and didn't come out for over an hour. I pretended I didn't see anything.
    I feel like I failed as a mother.

  • I'm jealous! I'm an adult male and your young son has a more active s** life than me.

  • theres obviously a pedophile in the hood.

    he either f***** all those kids, or f***** on and that one f***** the other kids.
    either way, try to find the answers

  • Show your kid pictures of gonorrhea in its final stages and ask him again.

    It seems a little more than spin-the-bottle happened.

  • I'd love to - but how?? No one's willing to admit anything! I know if someone asked me "Has your son had an STD?" I'd panic or scream or something! If my ass of an ex-husband were around, he'd probably tell our boy "Good job!" And mothers really can't talk about this.

  • That is just so creepy. You should really get together with the other parents and do something. Creepy.

  • As near as I can guess there must be about a half-dozen children in my neighborhood who were infected, not including my boy. No one's talking or admitting anything in public, of course. Somehow, an entire neighborhood got corrupted and no one noticed. If the Health officials know anything they aren't talking either.

  • ...to state...

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