I love this site because I can be totally honest, and nobody knows who I am. I'm in my late 30's. My best friend and I were talking about girl stuff when the conversation turned to menstruating. She mentioned that her husband has seen her tampon string. I was mortified how embarrassing. I could never let ANYONE see that. not even my husband.

Later when I was at home I was still thinking about our conversation and what she said about letting him see it and how I would feel if my husband saw that. The thought was embarrassing, humiliating and ew.

I am a very private person and just the thought of anyone seeing my p****? No way! It took almost a year for me to let my then fiancé (now my husband) see me completely naked. I am mortified when I have to go to my Gyno. To let someone see my p**** with a tampon string hanging out. no way.

As i thought more about it I was surprised that I was getting excited, and I could feel an adrenaline rush. a few weeks past since the conversation and i do confess that I have been toying with the idea and even pleasuring myself with the thought of exposing my p**** with a tampon in it. who would want to see that? even if someone wanted to how would I show them?

i was in the mall last week and sat on a bench to adjust my heel. i was wearing a free-flowing skirt that came to mid-thigh as I carefully maneuvered to adjust my heel. I glanced up and directly across from me was a man in his late 20s I think.

As I maneuvered, I reminded myself to keep my legs pressed tightly next thought was you're having your period so don't gross him out when like a bolt of lightning i got this tremendous rush through my body.

i was at the end of my cycle so there was probably no fear of blood but i did have in a tampon just in case. i sat with my feet together on the floor and looked back at the man who just smiled at me. i nervously smiled back and looked around for the ladies room which was right behind me.

as I stood in the stall the thought of me showing him raced through my mind as I replaced my tampon. once in I hesitated looking at my panties around one ankle. I decided not to put them back on and if he was still there when I came out I would try to show him. after all I was freshly shaven and clean down there so it was a possibility. the only thing holding me back was getting the nerve.

I stuffed my panties in my purse, washed my hands and headed back to my bench. yikes! he was still there, and he smiled as we made eye contact once more. I sat directly across from him placing my shopping bag and purse next to me. I took a deep breath and placed my hands on my knees with my feet and legs together. my skirt was just above mid-thigh.

I thought that I would try to show myself so I reached for the bag to my left letting my legs part a little as my adrenaline maxed out. I glance dover at my admirer and his eyes opened wide as my legs parted but in an instant my skirt fell to block his vision.

I was very disappointed. Now what? i thought. I returned to my original sitting position and looked over at him. I think he was trying to avoid getting busted looking, so he quickly looked away.

This gave me the opportunity to adjust my skirt. I pulled it up a few inches and leaned back over to the contents of my shopping bag opening my legs in the process. I glanced away from him out of humiliation and noticed that i could see his reflection in the store window. He was looking between my legs. he was leaning a little to get a better view so i thought that i would assist him. i opened my legs wider. The look on his face was priceless. He looked stunned and adjusted his pants to move his hardon.

I was almost uncontrollably excited that this was turning him on so as I rummaged through the bag i let my legs open wider until he had an unobstructed view of my widening p****. i could feel my wetness and heat. i glanced to see what he could see and my skirt was all the way up at the top of my legs. I could see my string and some of my pink so i knew he could. i stayed like that for what seemed to be forever then I looked at him and caught him looking.

He quickly looked away as i returned to my original sitting position. i looked at him until he got the nerve to look back at me. when he did he looked like he was embarrassed. i just smiled which seemed to relax him. when he made eye contact with me again we said nothing. I looked down at my hands on my knees then back at him watching my hands. i slowly opened my legs once more. his eyes locked onto my p****. i opened them as wide as the bench would let me and let him look.

my body was electric with this sexual rush i was experiencing. i just let him look for a minute. i was so turned on by my newfound bravery that i reached between my legs and finding the string tugged on it lightly. his eyes never deviated. i continued to lightly tug then stopped. i closed my legs and reached for my purse. i got what i was looking for and returned my attention to him. he smiled and looked at my legs.

i opened them again and finding the string began tugging lightly. as he watched in anticipation the soft pulsating tugging became a steady pull. i could feel the tampon coming out of me. his gaze never faulted. i continued to tug until it fell out of me. there was a little blood on it so i wrapped it in a tissue and took the new tampon i had just retrieved from my purse. opened it and spread my legs wide as i inserted it while he watched.

when it was in i adjusted the string and crossed my legs causing him to look up in my eyes. "Did you enjoy watching that?" i asked. "Yes! surprisingly I did! you are very pretty and you have a pretty p****!" he confessed. I thanked him, gathered my things and headed off. as i walked away i turned back to see him watching me walk off. playfully i lifted the back of my skirt showing him my full butt then walked energetically to my car.

i can't believe i just did that in a public mall. I'm kind of proud of myself.

May 9

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  • Hey loved your story and thanks for sharing. So you need to understand that your period is not something gross. I get it if us guys had to deal with it we would feel the same. But we’re not we’re guys and you need to understand that a period is a sign of fertility for us. Yes there are guys who view a period like women do. But majority of us are in fact turned on by it. S** during the last couple days of womens period is incredible. Been lucky enough to have my serious relationships in my life trust me enough to show them I really did enjoy and finding they did very much too. Now this was generally a very occasional treat type thing which was nice. it was one of those special activities. Yes including oral. them holding my head bringing them to climax first. I am sure men were looking. Women are so protective in making sure we don’t see this event. And Yes I do know what that can look like etc including a “heavy one”. And so can any maintenance person who has had to deal with a female restroom. I think women believe if a guy truly seen and knew everything that happens or can happen he wouldn’t want to go near it again. Well that’s wrong and most guys don’t have any issues. You were allowing these men to finally see something they were always forbidden to see. Funny it should tell you right there it actually peeks out interest. Just don’t be so weird about it with your spouse or boyfriend.

  • I totally agree. I love eating out my wife especially right before and at then of her period.

    I always know when she is going to start and the o***** she gets from my intense tongue action usually starts her flow. She gets embarrassed and usually says something like I’m sorry that I ruined it. Little does she know I time it and if I’m lucky and fast enough I cause the flow orally and fill her up with c**.

    Just writing this is making me sooo h****. Tomorrow night she should be ripe for the picking (I mean ripe for the licking)

  • You are partway through the process of learning an important Life Lesson: no matter how strange we may think our fantasy ideas may be, there are plenty of others who are just as turned on by them as you are. And this applies to physical attributes as well. Whatever your size and shape, ethnicity, color, even physical disabilities, there are always going to be people who not only accept you as you are, but actually PREFER you as you are since you embody exactly what they are most physically attracted to.
    Your story is very exciting, because (based on assuming it's real and true) it means that although you have some definite need to open yourself up to ideas of sexuality that are more varied and more mature than it seems you were brought up to believe are 'proper', you already have realized this and taken a first step on what will potentially be a VERY interesting, enlightening, and explicit journey for you and whomever the lucky person(s) that you allow to go with or guide you.

  • Wow! That is sooo sexy


    You should have allowed him to play

  • What i did was huge for me. I could not let hm touch me.

  • I agree that is a huge step. But if you were turned on you need to try it again and let it go where it may.

    S** with strangers is amazing. The o***** you reach when having s** with a stranger is beyond anything you will ever feel

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