She probably has regrets.

I was out of town working a couple weeks ago and went to a sports bar close to my hotel, My waitress was super flirty and I just out of the blue asked if she wanted to do something after work, She looked around and then bit her lip and said "Sure, Why not...Pick me up at 11?", I can tell you that from 9-11 was about the longest 2 hours ever.
I pulled up out front at 11 sharp and she came out a couple minutes later, I opened her door and she got in, I jumped in and said "So, What should we do?", She asked if I had anything to drink in my room and I nodded and said "Yeah, Sure I do". I pretty much knew then and there that she was down so I didn't even waste time once we got to my room, The door barely closed and we were all over each other.
I am 45 and....Average built, Kind of a dad bod but just average and to be honest I was surprised she was in my room, She was 22 and F'ing hot, Blonde, C-cups and a great ass. I pulled her hair tilting her head back and she moaned a little and I was like (Oh s***...Here we go) so I started just being a little rough with her and she loved it, I pulled her top off and she had the greatest, Firm, Round b**** with small, Rock hard little nips and looked amazing, I grabbed her left nip between my fingers and twisted it, She winced and grabbed my hand. I looked her in the eyes and said "Put your hands down", She gasped a little and started shaking, I said "that's better, Are you going to be a good girl now?", She wimpered a little and nodded yes, I twisted harder and said "I didn't hear you", She gulped and said "Yes", I said "Yes what?" and she said "yes sir".
Ok, At that moment it was all I could do not to blow my load, I am fairly recently separated and my wife who I still share a house with is about the most vanilla woman in bed so this was something I had not experienced...Ever but I was loving it, I turned her around and put her hands on the wall, I stepped back and sat on the bed as she looked back at me over her shoulder, I said "make me want to f*** you", She turned around to face me and reached for my zipper, I said "Not like that...Make me want to before you get that", She bit her lip which already made me want to but then she reached for her phone, Put on her spotify and started dancing slowly as she took off her pants, She turned back around and stuck her tiny ass out in her T-bar thong and I could see her little pink butt hole and she hooked her fingers in it, Folded her self in half and pulled it to her ankles staying bent over showing her perfection from behid, Pink, Tight little a******, perfect pink, Bald p****, Sexy legs.
She stepped her feet apart as far as she could with her thong still aroud her ankles and sucked her middle finger, Reached back and rubbed her a******, I stood up, Stood her up and spun her around, Tossed her on the bed and she spread her legs, Started rubbing her p**** as she watched me take off my pants, When I peeled off my underwear she stopped and stared, Tilted her head to the side and then looked at me and said "uhhh...Um...Geez". I'm no monster down there but, I have had a few reactions to my size and she was in a bit of disbelief, I straddled her pushing her back on the bed, Straddled her chest and she opened her mouth.
2 minutes later she had tears streaming down her face, Mascarra running everywhere, She was gagging and gasping for breath, I moved down and she looked scared, Her whole body shivered and then she spread her legs panting like a dog in heat, I wasn't even nice about it but spit on my hand, Rubbed her p**** and then shoved my d*** in her, She was so wet and so tight, She moaned "oooohhhhh fuuuuuck". I pounded her hard in every position I could think of and then rolled her into doggy, I hammered her from behind with my thumb buried in her ass and she as just sloppy wet, I came in her twice and kept going and she moaned that she was coming at least a couple times.
The bed had multiple wet spots and both of our thighs and legs were wet and slippery and I knew I was on my last load so I had her on her back, and pulled out, Knelt over her beautiful face and she looked up and said "uh uh...Please don't" but her arms were trapped and her hands were on my ass and back so I shot a load that sort of impressed me for a third load and she scrunched up her face, She was sobbing and gagging and I stuck my half limp d*** in her mouth. She gagged and sucked and sobbed until I finally got off her and she sat up, She wiped her face with her hand and her bottom lip was trembling, She looked at me and was a total mess, Mascarra everywhere, C** dripping from her eyelashes, sobbing and looking defeated.
I lead her to the shower, Lathered her up and washed her body, She washed her face and hair and we got out, Toweled off and I laid on the bed, She gathered up her clothes and if she wouln't have said anything I would have just let her leave but she put her clothes in a pile on the bed and said "Do I have to leave or can I stay for a bit?", I got under the covers and said "Come here" pulling the covers back, She got in and I pulled her close, She took a deep breath and sighed as I held her and we drifted off to sleep. Thank goodness I had the next day off hence the reason I was even in the bar because I woke up still holding one of the most beautiful women I have ever been with.
Shortly after I woke up she started to wiggle, She realized I was still holding her and put her hand on my forearm, She took a deep breath, Let it out and pressed her ass back against me, I so bad wanted to just pin her down and hammer her but instead I slid in her from behid and she moaned, I f***** her slow and gentle, Made her come and Came in her and then just held her. She started sobbing and I was like (Oh f***...Now what?) I asked if she was ok and she rolled over, Looked at me and said "I don't know, I don't know why I am crying...I am...I don't even know". She got herself together and snuggled up to me and just laid there.
After a while we ordered room service and ate together and then she stood in front of me still naked and said "I want you to treat me like you did last night"....Long story short I did...We discussed a safe word and then I did...A lot...Afterward she moaned and rolled over, She looked at me panting and said "Did I do ok?", I got on top of her and whispered "You just took a huge d*** in your ass...You did great", She said "Good, I want to give you everything" so I was thinking (F***, I am leaving in 4 days....What have I done).
But for 4 days I pounded her, Literally to the point she walked funny, I asked if she was ok and she said "I have never been f***** like this...But...I think you may have broken my...Well I'll leave that alone for now" and then laughed and said "Kidding, I'll be fine just a little sore". Whe I told her I was leaving she had a mini meltdown and actually said "I just spent all week letting you treat me like a w**** because I am in love with you and you're leaving?", I just nodded and she said "What can I say...I guess I am your w****". I left and went home and tomorrow I go back but never told her because I wasn't 100% sure I would be going back so soon, I am definitely going back to see her at work and see how she responds...Could be good, Could get stabbed, Who knows.

May 11

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  • My wife is a waitress and she can get a strange piece almost any given day. Waitresses love sexy time.

  • Does she take advantage of her job to add a little spice to your s** life?

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