I got dicked and my life changed, for the better mind you

At 33 I was unkissed, ungroped, and unfucked. I was not proud of it. I just never met the man. This man I know, he was 35 told me that men do not want a b****. When a man is looking at a woman he is sizing up her p**** prospects. All that matters is p****, no p****, no man.

I got angry of course, called him a bunch of names, typical neanderthal male, never going to happen, it's about respect and emotional maturity. He grabbed my wrist and twisted my wrist until I had to fall to my knees and beg him to let me go. It's about p**** and getting on your knees and sucking d***. Then he let me go.

When I stood up he grabbed me by the neck and dragged me over to the kitchen island and bent me over and told me to lose the panties and beg for d***. He kept squeezing my neck telling me to lose my panties and beg for d***. At what point I gave up I don't know, it's all a blur but I pulled my pants down and I begged for d***. After he pulled his d*** out of me he told me to clean him up and use my mouth. I was quiet by then and got on my knees and cleaned his d*** with my mouth.

What happened to me is on every intellectual level wrong. But on the animal level I got d*** and a man who grabs me and gropes me and f**** me. I don't get into discussions with him about right and wrong, I don't ask for permissions but I give him a chance to refuse before I buy something or go somewhere, I don't argue when he tells me to do something. Yes I changed.

From a b**** to p**** on demand. I don't like getting on my knees. I suck his d*** on the couch, on the bed, and let my t*** out and sit on his lap and hold his face between my t***. I sit on his d***, lay back for his d***, adopt the position for his d***, my t*** bounce on my chest, my t*** swing under me when he f**** me like a b****. I sign his last name, my credit cards have his last name, my passport has his last name. Yes, I changed. And I love my life.

May 16

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  • Otho g better than a good f****** and a man with money

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