The folly of discussing Science with an ignorant religious bigot

They pretend they know what your talking about when they don't. One holy roller here mixed the so called Big Bang with evolution. Two completely different sciences.

The Big Bang was a Singularity which reverses the current expansion of our Universe and scientists have discovered our Universe was at one time very small. A pea sized Universe of energy and matter that somehow suddenly started expanding. Its very easy to understand but the uneducated see this scientific truth as a threat to their belief system. You need to change your damn belief system.

Evolution is proven by the fossil record and by DNA comparisons. The expansion of our Universe is still going on.

May 16

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  • Silly people ... you say in your own comment "that somehow suddenly started expanding." ... i see it did it all by itself ... right .... science has proved nothing.

  • Neither has religion.

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