What's the big obsession with guys & women's feet?

I'm a 41 year old petite female with small feet (size 4.5).
Every past boyfriend I had were obsessed with my feet. When I say obsessed, I mean I was constantly getting foot massages and asked to perform things of sexual nature in the bedroom.
My husband of 16 years is no different. Actually, he pays my spa membership so I can get a fresh pedi anytime I want.
I've worked for the same insurance agent for 9 years now. He's a nice guy, mid 50s, married and in great shape for his age.
In the summer, I wear sandals to work.
Unless someone comes in to pay a bill, it's just the two of us in the office. This is when he starts complimenting my 'cute feet' and 'tiny toes'. It's harmless stuff. I enjoy the attention too. If I'm wearing ballet flats, I'll take my shoes off and walk around barefoot.
He has asked me to sit in his chair and put my bare feet up on his desk so he can admire my feet.

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  • It sounds like your feet are very **. So are my wife’s She actually enjoys having her feet massaged & her toes sucked. 🤔😊

  • I love women who have pretty feet! Especially pretty feet with ** painted nails and soft silky pantyhose or stockings.
    My wife treats me to her perfectly pedicured feet in nylons when we are having ** and it’s the icing on the cake. When we are close to ** she will usually have me kiss and lick her hosed feet causing me to fill her hot ** with my massive load soaking her.
    Sometimes I pull out and either stroke on and ** on her feet in the stockings or I will hold her feet together and slide between the arches pumping till I ** and soak her stockings. It’s so fun and I spoil her silly for doing these things for me.
    Everyone should enjoy their fetish!

  • That sounds like fun!
    I'm 27 & a server for an event center. Our uniform is a white blouse, black pencil skirt, nylons and black flats or 2 inch pumps.
    My boyfriend hates it when I put my nylons on for work. He tells me they are disgusting and to avoid a fight I began changing at work.
    I told my co-worker and her husband loves the fact that she wears nylons for work. She's shared some ** stuff they've done in the bedroom like mentioned above.
    One time, I came home to our apartment still in uniform. He was in the middle of a gaming tournament I took off my skirt, sat next to him and rubbed my feet against his **. It didn't go over well plus I was a distraction.
    The female servers are always getting compliments from the male customers.
    I admit, I like the attention, what girl wouldn't. Especially the guys that are 'just' in town for business. lol

  • Feet are nasty

    Especially after you've stepped in a fresh & warm dog ** while walking barefoot!

  • Or compared to you mom’s rancid hole that bore you.

  • Sickness in head , perversion from years of institutional feminism sexual deprivation. Glorifying women. Idolizing them up on a pedestal to worship their feet in hopes for **. Truly sickening.

  • Actually it just feels good! Society he’s trained most men to focus on womens ** and rumps. I know guys who love women’s necks, ankles, belly’s, hands, hair. So what if a guy finds a woman who has nice feet sexually attractive and wants to enjoy her feet.

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