I'm a castrated white sissy husband

When I married my wife she had me sign papers. What I didn't know was I signed away my manhood away. It stated she can decide when I should be castrated and put on female hormones. One day she took me to see her OB/Gyn and she put me in stirrups and gave me shot that knocked me out. When I woke she told me to take these pills four 3months and come back to see her. Wife said doctor had to remove my b**** as they weren't normal. I went back in for follow up and she handed me a bra and panties said it's time for me to wear them. Wife smiled said we can go shopping for my new close. She had my nails done and hair done. Said I was her girlfriend now and we went to this party full of females and black men.

May 21

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  • B.S. STORY!

  • Shalom

  • You should move in with Slap Happy Tim and Fat Linda from Tennessee. You would be a perfect fit for them and their crazy daughter who is 41 and plays with Lego’s while watching cartoons.

  • Get some self respect! C**** and b**** are beautiful and manly, are warm and give life. They should be respected and loved, just as a woman's parts are equally loved.

  • F*** off with your bullshit fantasy! You're the same t*** that keeps posting about being kicked in the b**** aren't you?!

  • It is my belief you should be killed. All cucks should be killed.

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