Confused Wife

I cheated on my husband with 3 black men from my bowling team.

It happened over a 5 month period. After bowling we would go drinking and one thing would lead to another.

This occurred 2 nights a week during this 5 month period. I am now 4 months pregnant with twins.

My husband is so excited, however there is a very good chance that the twins will be biracial (my husband and I are both white.)

I was with them a total of 40 times to the point I got pregnant but there were 3 of them so that is 120 and I was with my husband about 36 times and there is only one of him. So there is a 76.9% chance our twins will be biracial.

Should I tell him ahead of time? Or should I hope that the twins are my husbands and if not deal with it then?

May 29

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  • Is there an update

  • So you cheated 120 times & you know good & well hubby isn’t the father. But only now are you concerned about hurting hubby. Way too late to be concerned.
    Maybe he’ll leave & find someone who will be loyal if he can ever trust someone again.
    Or better yet just leave the poor b****** & be free to s**** whomever you want no guilt. Not that you felt guilty before.

  • Ok so we're the up date it been five months

  • Good thing now that you confessed your sin to husband.
    BTW did you share your pregnancy news with your bowling mates? If so, their reaction?

  • I told him and unfortunately he doesn’t know if he wants to be with me. He said if the twins are his he might want a divorce and custody. I didn’t even tell him there were 3 of them. I said there was one of them and it only happened a few times. I’m so heartbroken now.

  • Give him some space and let him cool down. You may be able to suggest marriage counseling in a few weeks. I'm not trying to sound mean, but I hope you have learned your lesson here. It's one thing to cheat, but doing so outside your own race is unwise in the extreme. There's no way you can hide it when you get knocked up. Being gang banged by three black guys may be a h*** of a fantasy, but in the real world there are definite consequences. Just be prepared that you may not be able to salvage this relationship. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Thank you so much. I know I don’t deserve him. He should leave me. But please know that being with black men or being “g*********” as you put it was never a fantasy of mine. This just kind of happened. A one thing led to another type of thing and soon they were all over me. It’s my fault, I did enjoy it otherwise I would not have continued to hang out with them. It is not their fault they weren’t married I am. So regretful

  • I do not want to lose my husband but I don’t want this to be a surprise. It is getting so close and part of me really wants to tell him.

  • As I said in my previous comment, he has been going through all the motions thinking that these children will be his and there is no way in h*** that they are. If this happened to me in the delivery room, the shock, embarrassment, and utter humiliation would be absolutely devastating. You have to tell him. There's no way out of it. If he finds out at birth, then losing him is a given, but in all honesty, you are going to anyway and are just putting off the inevitable. You may as well get it over with.

  • Thank you so much for the advice. I think I am going to tell him.

  • My husband has gone to every class and has been so supportive and he is so excited. I don’t know what I will do if my children are biracial. I don’t want to hurt my husband but part of me would like a biracial child. So confused.

  • I am now 28 weeks along. I only have 3 months to decide.

  • Don’t tell him. He won’t be able to say no.

  • What do you mean he won’t be able to say no?

  • What you have done is increasingly common. White women are over compensating for the wrongs committed against blacks in the past. They are driven to serving black men, and society is supporting this behavior. I think you must have known of the likelihood that you would have black babies. There are some men that encourage their wives to live this lifestyle, and raise those babies in order that the wife can continue to indulge the interracial s** they crave. You need to be honest with yourself about your feelings, then you can be honest with your family and friends.

  • That has to be the stupidest bullshit ever written. What a total f****** moron.

  • Good luck dear and may Gods bless these new born and you with great health and love.
    Where are you located love?

  • You should have told him as soon as you knew you were pregnant. He's been expecting his own kids all this time and if I were him and found out on the day of delivery, I would be absolutely devastated.

    Pro tip:
    NEVER cheat outside your own race so that it doesn't come back to bite you in the ass like this has. TELL HIM NOW!
    Good luck

  • Don’t tell him. There is a chance it could be his

  • I am 23 weeks along now went to the doctor yesterday, so I have about 16 weeks to tell him about what happened. Any suggestions on how I can open up the conversation to him about the horrible things I have done? These twins possible not being his?

  • You sk*nk. Cheated on him a total of 120 times (penetrations, with 3 [black] dudes) and *NOW* you're wondering about possible consequences?! Do your husband a favour, pack your bags.... You deserve zero sympathy.

  • Wasn’t asking for sympathy. Is this website called Is it? Well you little child. You act like it happened to you. Oops based on how you write it probably did. I’m so proud of her for doing that to you. Stay safe.

  • Too funny.

  • You should be prepared to pack your bags and fk off

  • Oh another poor man who has been cheated on poor you. Grow up.

  • You should be prepared to suck a d***.

  • Best to be honest and tell him the truth, your most likely pregnant by one of the black men and wouldn’t it be more embarrassing for him and your family to find out the day of birth when the babies come out black

  • Yes it would be. I’m working on building up the courage.

  • Hate to say it, but assuming this confession is true which is hard to believe, you are a filthy s***. You deserve no sympathy whatsoever. With any remaining ounce of decency you have left, confess to him and allow him to leave your disgusting ass and move on with his life. You are pure dogshi*t. Sorry, not sorry.

  • I think you have her confused with your mother.

  • Take it from me. If you think there is any possibility the child will be black, confess to your husband now. You might get away if you had been with another white guy, but not black. I am a "divorced" mother of two children. My second child was born black after an affair with a black man.

  • Did your husband leave you or stay with you?

  • No. Maybe we could have worked it out if I had told him prior to the birth.

  • You really messed up and are a stupid person. Sorry but there's no pity for a cheater and I think you'll end up raising your kid alone. If you have someone else's baby and he stays with you he's just as stupid. You don't have the right to come out of this spotless so you deserve to be treated mean if you won't confess to your husband and allow him to dissolve the marriage if he wants. You were with multiple strangers 8 times a month you don't deserve any sympathy.

  • 100% Correct

  • Thank you for your comments even though factually they are incorrect. They were not strangers I had known them for over 2 years we were in a bowling league together. Details matter.

  • No incorrect they weren’t strangers I knew them for over two years. Read much? Comprehend much. I repeat factually incorrect.

  • If you str married don't cheat. How would you like it if your husband got another woman pregnant?

  • I would be so h**** if my wife got pregnant by another man. It makes it so much better that the men were black and you don't know which one impregnated you. Hopefully your husband loves you enough to stay with you when you have the biracial twins.

  • Thank you. I am hoping my husband is the father. I really messed up and it could cost me my marriage. I never expected this to happen.

  • ...because you are an idiot.

  • Like your mother

  • Really hope he dumps your butt! No sympathy from me.

  • Thank you I hope you have a great day. I however wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.

  • Darling, I will pray for you. But if these were BBCs with deep penetration I’d be willing to bet one of those BBCs is the father.

    If the e******** is deposited deeply in your virgins near the cervix. That e******** will be more likely to reach the egg in your Fallopian Tubes than that of your husbands e******** which will likely be not as deep as those amazingly fulfilling black c****

  • You are making me worry more my anxiety is kicking in now.

  • This is a fake ass story, another BBC/cuck husband fantasy.

  • I’m not sure what that is. I wish it were not true. I wish I didn’t put myself in that position. I wish I didn’t start drinking with them. Oh how I wish this ever happened. I will not have to only explain it to him but also friends, family, co workers, I’m very very worried about my family. Wish me the best please.

  • Don’t worry. Biracial children are so cute

  • I think it is better not to tell your adventures to your husband. What happaned is happened, you should wait now for the sentence. If I were your husband, I would be happy with the white twins, but if the twins were biracial, I would immediately leave you alone. But with white twins you could tell me about your adventures, I would be interested in the dirty details while I were you.

  • I don’t know what to say to that. I appreciate your advice though. Thank you.

  • Just wait until the children are born. If your husband loves you he will not leave your side

  • Thank you so much for giving me hope.

  • Wow I need an update please

  • I don’t have an update still 19 weeks along. Any advice would be appreciated. Please just don’t be mean I feel horrible I didn’t expect this to go this far. I don’t know why I did that with them. We were all friends.

  • No I mean an update after you give birth

  • I will thank you. So worried.

  • Do you still meet those black men for prego fun?! I'd love that, and hope you are doing it grl.

  • No I am so worried I stopped seeing them or bowling or hanging out with them.

  • Agreed. Pre go s** is the best and best of all it’s safe. Get your fill of those BBCs. You can’t get pregnant twice

  • Sure hope you are living in Texas 😀

  • Why in Texas?

  • Abortion is abolished in Texas I believe. But wish you and twins best and healthy life dear.

  • Thank you but I could never get an abortion.

  • Glad to hear. The baby has a right to live as well

  • You cheated on him so he should leave you.

  • He doesn’t know that yet. I am so sorry it happened.

  • If he loves you and you rock his world he will stay. Trust me.

  • You need to be honest. That would be devastating in the delivery room

  • What if I tell him and he leaves me and the twins are his?

  • Don’t tell him unless you have to. No need to ruin this happy time for him.

  • Thank you. That was my thought. I just can’t stop imagining how devastating he will be if they are not his children.

  • Where did you do the gang bangs, on the parking lot?

  • At their house.

  • That's hot! Can you provide details of this gb the first time?

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