I leave my fly unzipped in public

For the past ten years I've left my fly wide open in public, acting oblivious, so unsuspecting female onlookers can leer and laugh at it, ogle and wince, and licentiously stare if so inclined. The latter is more common than you might suspect (or admit to). I'm more of a shower than a grower, and the lengthy zippers on my pants tend to gape pretty wide and reveal a shockingly large area of my brightly-colored boxer-clad bulge, especially when I fold the inner cover flap out of view. Strangers rarely inform me, opting instead to enjoy the view and leave me to my assumed ignorance. Some precious few even have the gall to take pictures. I secretly revel in it, of course.

I've done this is most settings you could think of, but my most memorable was while getting a teeth cleaning. I lucked out with three ladies in the waiting room who were all indecently interested. One even forgot to turn the flash off on her phone but I acted like I didn't notice. Neither my dentist or dental hygienist (both women, thank god) had the chutzpah to tell me, so they just let me lay there totally exposed at the groin, staring long and often during their work. I remember hearing their coworkers ask 'so did you tell him?' from down the hall when they left me alone before inspection. It was followed by a resounding 'no' and cheeky laughter. Like most women they legitimately enjoyed the chance to exploit my vulnerable state. When I got up to leave they were very obvious in their attempts to distract me from looking down. I guess, seeing as how they had already gotten so far, they wanted to spare me an awkward moment of discovery. Or more likely spare themselves from being outed as voyeuristic pervs! Either way I left the same way I entered: my fly completely down and wide open. I was even wearing bright red boxers lol

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