If I could burn a church ...

And get away with it, every place with churches would be utilizing their firehouses 24/7!

If any of you knew what RELIGIOUS TRAUMA SYNDROME is, you would know why I could easily place a 30'06 slug right between the eyes of a fundiecostal preacher with pangs of laughter instead of tears of remorse! Oh I don't blame any of you for not knowing what RTS is. It was supposed to be in the most recent version of the DSM-5 as it's own condition and not a reaction to "greater"trauma. but it didn't make it thanks to religion's continued influence on everything. Secularized society my aching ass!

My eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the church!
My ears hear the crackling sounds of the deep red amber embers I see that fill my nose with the intoxicating perfume of burnt blood, flesh, and polyester suits! My hands touch the charred remains of lives once dedicated to the spiritual abuse of children in the name of their stupid f****** jew carpenter! I feel my arms (appropriately) embracing the unscathed children that thank me for saving them (embracing them the right way; not the way your f****** priests "embrace" them!) My mind takes satisfaction in being a true savior by destroying what claims to be salvation!
Every sense I have feels your damned god's servants slow and painful destruction!

I hand out my handmade inverted crosses to the little ones that they may wear them with pride! Knowing now how many problems people in this world have that can be solved with a can of gas and a molotov cocktail right through the window of every house of hypocrisy everywhere!

In my world, you harbingers of child abuse are either dead or dying slowly; cursing your crummy god that left you out in the cold like the spiritual idiots that you are! Just sad and stupid creatures who are better off dead and were dead inside anyway!

We all owe you a debt of gratitude for just one thing...SATAN. the myth of Satan has brought many of us into an infernal light of truth that we might never had known without your neverending obsession with him! You say that Great Satan, the true savior of Mankind, destroys? No, it is I who destroy you m************ pieces of sanctimonious s*** while mighty Satan just laughs and congratulates me for proceeding on my own convictions. Taking them to their utmost logical conclusion; YOUR conclusion!

But alas, that's the problem. I cannot proceed on my convictions other than through my fantasies. You donkey c*** breath bastards would surely place on me legal reprisals. But you cannot put me in chains (like the chains that you are in) for allowing others to see what plays on the screen in the theatre of mind.

But should someone with nothing left to lose read these words, internalize them, and take action...well who the f*** am I to attempt to stop him!

Jun 5

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  • God is bigger than Satan. You need to seek help by starting first with turning from sin,repenting,and living by Gods word. No human being deserves h*** and that's why Jesus was nailed to the cross so that we can have eternal life. My prayer will be that the Lord puts it in your hesrt to become one his children because it won't be just churches burning, it will be You burning in h*** for all eternity. You have to change your heart or you'll miss paradise in heaven and you will never stop burning. Is that what you truly want?

  • He has to have God's permission to do anything. What kind of power is that?

  • Satan can't defeat God. Some you got to remind yourself that he was also created by God. Who is he to be that great. Obviously he's not.

  • Or Crystal Lewis. come just as you are. I love you and want you to lose those thoughts. Your better than that.

  • Listen to a song for me from we the kingdom. it's called child of love.

  • God will raign victorious. switch sides and you'll see.

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