Becoming Claudia

When my wife of 25 years divorce me, out of the blue and took up with my best friend, it emasculated me. I sat in my house and barely left. For 6 months I lived in a dark hole, trapped in my house. When I was young, 12 to 17, I used to dress in my Mom's clothes, only a little as I didn't fit in most of her stuff. When I met my future wife, I stopped and did not dress, even once, in 25 years. I thought about crossdressing, but never more than that. One day in my dark house, I thought about CDing. Now alone, living in the country with no neighbors, I could do it and nobody would know. I had only worn my Mom's clothes, never any shoes (too small) and never wore anything that fit. I ordered a black dress and a pair of 5" heels. When they arrrived, I was so excited! I tried them on. They both fit well, surprisingly, but I almost broke an ankle with those shoes. But I was hooked and hooked good. Over the next 3 months, packages arrived from Amazon daily, sometimes several a day. I bought shoes, dresses, stockings, cosmetics, false nails, breast forms, wigs and anything else I thought a woman needed. I very quickly mastered the 5" heels and after that, any shoe was easy for me to walk in. Then I started thinking how it would feel to have b****** of my own. Breast forms looked good on me, but there was no feeling. I decided to try and grow b******. I first used Ovarian Glandular, a supplement that forces your body to convert testosterone into estrogen, permanently. The down side(?) is that you become sterile in 6 months of use, also permanently. I didn't care about sperm counts, so I took it. After about 8 months, my p**** no longer got hard, so I stopped use. I had no breast growth. Immediately, I switched to Pueraria Mirifica, another supplement that seemed a possibility. Within a month of starting PM, I noticed growth. Then my nipples got larger, but were really sensitive. I couldn't believe the intensity of the sensations from them. By 3 months, I was getting my first bra for my bosoms. I had pocket bras for my breast forms, but none to support real t***. My first bra was a 34A. It felt so sexy wearing it and I loved how it looked on me! 2 months later, I was up to a 34B and 6 months after that I was 36C! I couldn't believe it, but I soon realized I had no plan in case I did grow t***. The chance of actually growing b****** seemed remote at best, but now I was having difficulty hiding them. I bought Spandex T-shirts to flatten them, but I could never take my shirt off without detection. I live 25 miles from town and visitors usually call first to be sure I'm home. So, I lived at home as a woman and only dressed down when I had to. I found less and less reason to go to town and many more reasons to stay home in a dress and heels. I grew my hair out and wore makeup everyday. I spent so little time as a man it was getting harder to look convincing. My eyebrows were plucked, I shaved almost all my hair off and had my ears pierced. I love earrings and clip ons really narrows your choices, so I took a chance. Besides, I was worrying less and less about somebody noticing. My time as Claudia was my real life now and I felt like a crossdresser when I was a man! There is a larger city 50 miles from my home. I rarely went there earlier, but now I was beginning to venture out dressed and I only went there when I was a woman. First I shopped a lot, but with my t*** had come a fascination with men. I had never had a gay thought in my life, but now I was wondering how it felt to be kissed by a guy. Or suck his c*** or even take it up my sissy p****. That's right, sissy p****. I had clearly become a sissy. I never thought about women anymore, except to see how she looks or what she's wearing. But men, that's a different story. I started dressing more provacatively and began to hit the gay bars. I couldn't believe I was doing it, but I couldn't stop myself either. Guys hit on me right off. At first I just danced and snuggled a little. I was scared and excited at the same time. For several weeks I restricted myself to just kissing and a little feeling. Then one night, I met a guy that I had no resistance to. We danced and kissed, but for the first time, I was hoping he would try to pick me up. I WANTED him to take me home. I went to the ladies room and checked my makeup. It looked fine. I didn't know what to do, so I just kept kissing and letting him know I was hot for him. I was sticking my tongue halfway down his throat, but was wary of coming on too strong. Before last call, he asked if I had plans. Not wanting to look too easy, I acted coy... for about 6 seconds! He knew of a party with crossdressers and sissies and wanted me to accompany him. I was nervous, but I accepted. On the drive over, I got my courage up nand I grabbed his crotch. He groaned his approval and I unzipped another man's zipper and reached in. His c*** was impressive in girth and as I pulled it out, I found it didn't lack length either. I had been using a d**** for months, but wondered if I could take him. I started sucking the head (I couldn't get a lot more in my small mouth) and was careful not to let my teeth touch him. I was thinking if I was going to swallow or not when he grabbed my head and forced himself down my throat. As his b**** slapped my chin he blew his load deep inside me and I couldn't take it all. Some followed his c*** out, but I caught it in my hand and lapped it up. I cleaned up my face with a tissue and sat back in the glow of my first b******. I felt so damn sexy and I knew I had discovered something significant. I was a f*****, plain and simple and I prayed he would take my a*** virginity as well that same night. We arrived at the party and I saw things I had never seen before. Beautiful women, sissies and crossdressers making out and having s** everywhere. I was pushed to suck another c*** and they didn't have to push hard. While my date took pictures, I sucked another man's c***. It was as delightful as the first and I was thinking of how much I enjoyed sissy s**. As a man, I was indifferent about s**. I never liked doing the penetrating. I always wanted to be penetrated, not the other way around. I never acted on the impulses, but I dreamed about it. We left the party and he took me to his house. He made beautiful love to me and he took my virginity. When I awoke next to him, I remembered the night and felt a little embarrassed. A lot of firsts for me last night, I thought. We showered together and then he f***** me again. This time, my sissy clitty came all over the place. It was the most wonderful feeling I ever had, c****** as his big tool pounded my p****. I almost passed out as I came and came. I think I became a woman, in my mind, that night. The truth is, I've never been in man clothes since. I came out to everyone a month later and began my final transition. I wonder if I ever would have before I met Steve that night. It was his c*** made me a woman!

10 days

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