My brief satan meet at least my wifes meeting she was a bit of a

Er went to a caravan site in ayrshire the big house had a basement ewe went down to see it just nosey it had lots of curtains and a throne all draped in vcloth this guy very weird to wife she could be a bride of satan and gave her a blavck satan silk dress and watched her try it on it all started well she fay on a table the devil opened her legs showing her very hairy pussiie another 4 helkprrs appreared and two females who massage my wifes very small tittieds satan stepped down to the table smnd dripped baby oil all over her then the helpers turned her ove flat on her tummy he poured oil over her pussie and he got tbot help eomen to pour oikl into her bum and massage her pert bum then she was tied to the very smallish eooden trestle there was music playing all the time then this animal appeared think it was a smal horse only about 3 feet high it was interested in my wife tsatan had taken off her gown the helper guys each held a n arnm the animal was very interested in her its p**** was obvious by nowher lakes held aper f the pink oenis was getting vcloser to her hairy p**** she told me later it was very warm pnis as it sank into her the others were all chanting as the animal did it again the liquid flowed from her pussie then tsatan urged the helpers to try it her pussie shoot up her he instructed lsfter than satan made my wife lich the animasals very large p**** she held it on both hands i watched her wanking it and it was increasing in sixze still bent over the trestle the helpers beckoned other worshippers to slide it into her which they did and as instructed they went in deep then satan come down pulled his gown to one side he put his p**** into her more chanting now he was in so deep his b**** bounced off her hairy cushion i was wanking myself i fiuully enjoyed our meeting with satan we went home after it she often reflects on her meet still buts black candles puts them in her bathroom and remember she might have a devil baby but it never happened however i have tried aother satan worshhip covens have a new wqwife a nd she has no interest wish i had videod it all think the animal was a very small blavck horse there was some tak ogf a milking machine for t***

18 days

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