Why do men like this?

We live in a terrace house in Yorkshire. My husband insists I wear a T-shirt, no bra, and no panties or just a thong in the kitchen in the summer in the morning. I know our neighbour watches me. Then he (my husband) follows me in and as we work he always gropes me or slaps my bottom. He always tells me I’m a s*** because I get turned on but it’s never my idea. But I do really get turned on knowing the old man is looking at my body. Just as I am writing this. My husband knows I’m submitting this. Sometimes he pretends to be the neighbour and makes me have s** with him, he is rock hard when he does that. Never in front of the window though.

Jun 17

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  • My boyfriend loves to make me do something similar. I wear a t-shirt in bed with no underwear and used to just pad round our flat with a long dressing gown on but my new boyfriend insists I don’t wear that and just wear the t-shirt and nothing else even though it barely covers my backside and p**** and we are overlooked by the flats opposite. Like you I do get turned on knowing the guys in the flat opposite are looking. And on the weekend he had us sit outside on our little terrace area! All the flats could see me and even people walking past saw up when he made me stand against the railings!! Not sure why he loved it so much but he really did!!! Jade xxx

  • Because your ass probably looks so great walking in that thong that it's like a constant turn-on. Women in thongs are just so sexy.

  • F/41
    So it's not a turn on for you?
    When I was in college, my apartment had a sliding glass door that my 40 year old neighbor could see into when both our shades were open. When I knew he was home and his shade was open, I'd stand at the window wearing a bra and panty. I did that a few times and we started waving at each other. lol

  • When on holiday recently I noticed some guys working on the roof and looking straight in our apartment, they must have noticed my wife open the curtains, so when she was in the shower I opened all the curtains wide, and gave the guys a wave, I striped naked and walked around for a few minutes, then I went into the bathroom and told my wife that I opened the curtains so the guys on the roof could get a good look, and she said, did they see you naked, and I said yes I stripped in the window, and I want you to do anything you like with them watching, and she said you will just try to watch me, and I told her that I was having a nice long bath and to close the door and have fun teasing the workmen, my sexy wife came in a few minutes later and I was wanking, and she laughed and said I knew you would be wanking, and I said are the guys enjoying the show, and she laughed and said I think so they are shouting something every time I bend down, then she said come out and f*** me on the bed as they watch, so I got out and she took me in and got on the bed with her sexy ass pointed at the workmen, she looked at me and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart so they could her p**** and ass, then she said show them how you f*** your wife, and we had the most amazing s** ever.

  • We move around naked indoor in summer. The aged neighbor across the street often has glimpse of our movement. He lives alone and we are thinking of inviting him for a good time with us - may be with a three-some!

  • Men do this because they can tell when a woman is fulfilled by such treatment, as you obviously admit to. Obey him. Eventually, he will want to expose all of you, open and deep. Obey him, because you know it will fulfill you and make you complete.

  • I hate the word obey! I know I do what he wants but obey him?!

  • It can be even more of a turn on for a man if you don't like to obey, but he forces you to, anyway. It shows his power.

  • It may be a Yorkshire thing! We live in Leeds and my boyfriend insists on me wearing a thong bikini when it's warm enough to sunbathe in the garden. We live in a semi-detached house and the garden is overlooked by at least five other houses. I'm not aware of anyone deliberately spying on me, but anybody looking out of their bedroom window is treated to a great view of my bare bum.

  • And that has given him ideas! I’m much less confident outside the house. But I have been out in my bra and knickers. My husband is saying he’ll be taking photos and uploading on to p*** sites for men to w*** over!

  • Do you ever sunbathe completely naked?

  • No, not completely naked. I do sometimes take off the bikini top, especially when lying on my front. I worry too much that I might meet one of the neighbours when I'm outfor a walk. I don't really mind too much if they've seen my b**** or my bum, but would be too embarrassed to look one of them in the eye if I thought that they may have seen my fluff. I have streaked round the garden fully nude at night for a dare, but that's a different story.

  • Men are visual. I force my wife to wear skimpy clothes. I like to watch other blokes watch her. I like that she feels embarrassed and she finds it tough to comply.

    Occasionally I get unexpected support from someone who does not realise. For example I stopped her from wearing pants. Dresses and skirts only and usually I select Mini skirts for her. One day she was at the mall and went and tried on and bought a pair of jeans. By chance she met one of her girlfriends and over coffee told her what she'd done. Her girlfriend said to her that I her husband would not be impressed. My wife then took the jeans back to the store. She came home and confessed.

  • You're lucky your husband wants to show you off like that.
    My boyfriend and I live in an apartment complex with a community pool. I enjoy wearing a bikini around Dale the electrician.
    He's mid 40s, divorced and HOT. My boyfriend gets so jealous when I wear a bikini to the pool. He gets very p***** when Dale comes over to chat.
    I should also mention, my bf never goes outside. He games all the time.

  • Men are visual creatures. Candaulism, voyeurism and exhibitionism are all common and rather tame sexual preferences. Phycologists today claim that these are healthy desires and a GOOD relationship integrating the lover completely identifies with his partner's body, and deeply in his mind is unconsciously showing himself off. Basically, he is pushing his sexuality off onto you, rather voyeuristically. This is believed to indicate he is very faithful and may become prone to becoming a happy Cuckold.

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