I still love to smoke

I realize it is not cool to smoke anymore and that we all are supposed to quit. I know it is not good for my health. I don’t want my kids to become smokers. But I’m 37 and have been smoking for a long time, and I enjoy it. I don’t think there has been enough written about the pleasurable part of smoking, and so I thought I would make a list.

1. I feel sexy when I smoke. It has kept me slim and trim. I think I look really good when I light up and take that first drag and exhale. Maybe it it the mystique of a woman who smokes.

2. Smoking matches every mood. If I’m stressed it it frequent drags. If I’m angry they are hard and deep. If I’m relaxed they are slow and long. Whatever the mood there is a way to smoke.

3. My cigarettes are always there for me. No matter how sad I am, I have my little friends.

4. I love satisfying the need. About half an hour after smoking, I start to get that little tug. A few minutes later, I feel it more. By an hour, I’m going crazy. And then, I light up, and instant relief. A wonderful feeling.

Anyway those are my thoughts.

Jun 18

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  • Oh I don’t wait until I’m going crazy unless I have to! At work sometimes I need to. At home at night I’m more like you - sort of every 20 or 30 minutes without thinking about it. And first thing in the morning when the need is hard a couple in a row. So it depends on the time of day.

  • I hear ya! Us smokers are becoming an endangered species, especially in some areas more than others. I agree with all you're comments. But in #4, I don't wait as long as you. I'm already smoking again in a half hour!

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