Coercive control

Went over to a friends place for dinner.

Their kids had been playing twister and the mat was on the floor and a couple started playing. Someone suggested a twister comp. My wife said to me "I can't play in this skirt". I said "yes you are playing. It will be fun" There was a little whispered argument. I said come outside while we chat.

We went out side and she said it would be embarrassing. I said you are to submit to me and I am telling you to play. I was quite direct and looked her in the eye and said You are not to resist me.

We went back inside and eventually it was our turn to join in. She played as instructed and we all saw her ** at various times but she had worn the nice shiny marone ones and so they are a bit like sports briefs.

Later on the way home I asked her about it and she just said she was so humiliated and tried not to think about it.

Got home and I had her lay on the bed and I felt her nice shiny ** and then we took them off and had **.

Jun 21
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  • I’m a submissive wife so will do whatever my husband wants me to do. He has a particular fondness for me wearing short skirts and being made to show off my knickers. And sometimes even makes me show off my **. He does it in all sorts of ways like telling me to sit in the park with my knees up or squatting down in a shop, or just making me wear a really floaty skirt on a windy day. We live in London so he’s made me be exposed to so many people. I do feel quite humiliated especially when he required that I don’t wear knickers. But I just love the fact he is getting so turned on and to be honest that makes me feel so **. So now I kind of associate the two - people seeing my knickers or my ** up my skirt and feeling humiliated and embarrassed whilst also feeling really ** and turned on by his excitement. Emily S

  • I am glad that you have found your place.

    One day I was at a coffee shop with my wife and I was hugging and kissing her while we waited for our coffee and a gust of wind blew my wife skirt up and a lady came over and had some words with us. I told the lady that my wife was not allowed to push her skirt down. My wife just stood there and the lady then walked off. My wife unfortunately does not get aroused but does understand that submission requires effort and sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice then she is not being submissive.

    I never have my wife go commando.

  • You sound like a proper **, mate. Let your wife make her own decisions.

  • Yes, definitely it should always be up to the wife / partner whether she is okay with this! Emily S

  • Next time, no **.

  • Okay, so my husband has read this and found the story a turn on but when he saw your comment was just so turned on thinking he could make me do that with no knickers! He’s just ordered it from Amazon!!! Emily S

  • It says two comments but there are none showing. How's that?

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