Not even sure.

My half sister and I are 12 years apart with me being the younger of us, Last weekend our brother got married and I was staying with my sister and her husband, I lived with them for 7 years from the time my mom passed when I was 12 until last year so it was very natural for me to automatically just stay in my old room but...
My sister and I both got carried away and what a crazy night it turned into, Everything was pretty normal until we got back to their place and then I was out in the garage "burning one" if you will and when I came back in I tip toed down the hallway and from my bedroom door I could see in their door which was open just a couple inches, Just the light from their attached bath was on so I could see what they were up to, Mom had their kids so they had a free night to get it on and he was trying to take advantage of that, I could totally see my sister sitting on the edge of the bed and him standing in front of her. Up to that moment I hadn't ever really put to much thought into it but he has a big d!ck, Not super long or super thick but just overall big.
I grabbed my phone and videoed about a minute of her sucking it and then she pushed him away and whispered something I assume about being to drunk to suck d!ck and then she got up and went to the bathroom so I quietly closed my door and started to get undressed. I sat down on the edge of the bed and dozed off but woke up when I dropped my phone on my foot, At that point things were starting to spin and I had no idea how long I had dozed off for but I thought I was about to puke so I grabbed my shirt and covered my b**** as I bolted for the bathroom, I swung the door shut behind me, Tossed my shirt on the counter and hit my knees grabbing the toilet bowl.
I don't remember actually puking but I was dry heaving and then I must have passed out, I woke up the next morning hung the F over so bad, Passed out on the bathroom floor, Buck nak3d, Door wide open, and I don't know if it is my mind playing tricks on me or if I dreamed it or if it actually happened but I have a strong recollection of being leaned over the toilet on my knees and having hands on my shoulders then my sides then cupping my b**** and sitting on a big c***. I swear to god I think I fuck3d my brother in law last night, I don't remember any other parts but I just have the image in my head of it and I was on my knees, His thighs under my a$$ and I think I remember sitting down on it and it feeling huge but I can't say for 100% certain if it was real or not.
I woke up and sat up, I gathered my bearings and went to my room, I could hear snoring from their room and went and looked to see if either were awake and they were passed out both half covered, My sisters top half showing and my brother in laws lower half showing, He was rocking a full on morning h******, Would he still be that hard if he had gotten off the night before, I don't know, There was no evidence anywhere, Nothing on me or in me, No marks, No sp3rm, nothing but I can't shake that feeling.
I napped for a bit and then got up, I made a coffee and sat down, My brother in law got up as I was making my second coffee and we sat in the living room across from each other and I couldn't even focus on what he was saying but just kept looking for any sign of awkwardness or anything like that but there was nothing, He got up to make us each another coffee and I noticed my n!ps were so hard they were aching, I pulled my feet up and sat criss cross apple sauce and made sure my shorts were pulled open on the side he would be sitting on so he could see up the leg.
He handed me my coffee and sat across from me, It was blatantly obvious he noticed but...We sat like that for a solid 10 minutes and he was so hard he had to wait for me to look away before he could get up and leave the room, He came back and made it seem like he had just noticed and said "Oh...uh...*****...Fix your umm...Your shorts" as he looked away, I looked down and said "Oh geez, Sorry" and fixed my shorts, I tried to bait him into saying something inappropriate but nothing, So now I have no idea if I fuck3d him or not, Did he put his d!ck in me or didn't he...I have no idea.

6 days

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  • He didn't.

  • Cool story bro

  • Did you have c** inside you?

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