My first time with a woman

It is now more than a couple of years ago, it was in 2018 when I got promoted to Senior Accountant. My boss was a woman of indeterminate age, over forty, single, never married. We had meetings to go through projects, review the closing calendar, go over analysis papers. That day I wore a wool dress, it was going to be a very cool day. It clung to me, but standing it didn't look too bad.

In her office, I sat at her work table and she was at her desk, I crossed my legs under me and was sitting with my arm over the back of the chair, leaned back in the chair, very comfortable and confident. She stood up and walked over to me and grabbed my breast in her hand and put her nose against mine and said she could see my panties and I was getting her wet. She returned to sit down.

With as matter a fact voice, in a very even tone, she said she liked women, particularly good looking young women with strong thighs and behinds, with squeezable t***, and wet lips. If I wasn't going to let her eat me, kiss me, grope me, fondle me, finger me, then I needed to close my legs and go home and wear something more office appropriate.

Now if I wanted her to kiss me, eat me, grope me, fondle me, finger me, then go get my purse and we were going to her apartment and we weren't coming back until I climaxed three times and she climaxed three times.

I kept my legs crossed the way they were, pumped up my chest and let her lean over and kiss me.

Jun 23

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