I hate my wife

I don’t mind living with this woman I hate, someday I might love her.

I don’t mind going to bed with this woman I hate.

She gave birth to a daughter whom I love.

My wife is a b****, she is completely s***, she goes to an office filled with men.

She sits all day besides all these men, she cooks food for those men, but she doesn’t cook for me.

When I am hungry, and my blood sugar is low and I ask her for some food, she says she is tired.

I hate everything about her, but i chose to love her no matter what, this is my test, I inspire her, I surprise her, I love her, I treat her with respect but she doesn’t care.

I hate her from every cell in my body, but I will still live with her, because if I leave her, it will look bad on my family.

There is only thing that I am sure of someday I will die and thankfully I will be out of this bond.

I am sure I will never marry ever in any of my life’s again

Because I have completely realized the pleasure of flesh is nowhere satisfying to the pain of mind.

I respect the kinds of Dan bilZerian I would prefer to change less condoms and more girls

From my experience of life let me confess Women are s*** for marriage

If we men can find a way to clone men then we should do away with this species of women

I hate every woman and I don’t believe a woman has the capacity to marry

God so put a p**** on them and because of that f******* p**** we men fall for women

We love our children we love our wife’s but they don’t care a s*** about us

They just want to get their p**** wet, if that is by rubbing and brushing their mind against any other man, they would do so without a second thought.

To all ladies out there, you are all trash, you all do not deserve a life, just disappear.

I know men are not entitled to the planet but I am sure men are the better species

You woman are nothing but wet holes to get a d***.

Finally I hate woman from the bottom of my heart.

But I will live with this witch, smile when she comes, sleep with her, f*** her and take a deep breath when she goes away

She is a piece of s***

Jun 24

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  • You need grammar lessons. That's why your wife hates you and doesn't do anything for you. You're illiterate.

  • I tried buddy. This confession is long and poorly written. I read half of it but I gave up as it’s incoherent. I actually relate to your wife.

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