Where did this story come from?

Ok I'm 68 years old and there is a story going through my head. It seems like this story was a anti racism story I read when I was about 11 years on in Pennsylvania.

Heres the story. A prim and proper British officer during the pre revolutionary days hated native americans. He would go into anti native american diatribes about how low down and horrible indians were.

Under the control of the british government there were actually a number of Indian tribes who sometimes fought each other.

As if to verify his low opinion of Indians a report come in about a tribe of Indians who had wiped out another tribe and he was sent to inspect the area.

Several dozen Indians lay dead, men women and children and the officer told his men to inspect each corpse to see if there were any survivors.

One of the men heard a crying sound comming from a dead woman and sure enough on inspection they found an infant baby who had been protected by its mother and the baby had survived.

Not knowing what else to do the British officer brought the infant back with him to his wife who herself had had an baby daughter.

On inspection the infant turned out to be a girl. His wife offered to care for the child until they decided what to do with it.

The woman bonded with the baby girl and announced over her husbands objections that she intended to raise the child herself.

Time went by and the woman had no other children. Just her natural child and her adopted native american girl.

The Indian girl grew up to outstrip all other children at the white settlement learning to read, do math, and simple science on an academic level the other children couldn't match. Before she was an adult she had read every book in the town library and was an accomplished mathmatician.

She starting teaching and become one of Pennsylvanias early scholars.

She eventually married a white man, had children of her own and faded into obscurity.

OK has anyone else ever read or heard this story?

Oct 26, 2015

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