Learning obedience, a fundamental virtue

Ten years ago now I was out with friends at a club, celebrating my 21st birthday. A neighbor, an older man friend of my parents was there with some business associates. He saw me and walked over and asked what was I doing there and who were my friends.

After a short discussion he told me to get my things he was taking me home. When I refused he said 'obedience is the most important virtue in a woman'. He escorted me out and drove me home to my parents. Feelings hurt, discussion with my parents, and some friends of mine, yes he hurt my feelings but the consensus was 'good thing you obeyed'.

Now today, older and a little wiser, I believe what he told me that night. It is a virtue, obedience is a virtue, and that involves obedience to God's word, your parents, and yes the man who protects you.

Thank you

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  • Ah, the one essential fact that fundamentalist Christians and Islamic terrorists have in common; women aren't people, they need to be owned and directed by older men. Seriously, listen to some Bad Religion and smoke a joint. It's your life, not theirs.

  • It's more accurate to say the view is that women aren't men; and that men are in charge of the world. You've decided that "men" equals people, but that's your own cultural **.

    My wife is submissive. Nevertheless, she has what she wants. I serve her in my way; she serves me in hers. Our relationship began with consent and continues with consent.

    The psychology of submission and dominance is subtle and interesting. It is not inherently abusive, but just like with you folks who claim to be egalitarian, there are abusers to be found in every crowd.

  • Not quite right. My wife is very much a person. Owned by me, yes. Must obey me, yes. Submit to me, yes. If she were not a person, then it would be easier for both of us. It is through pain of discipline that she is freed.

  • Slaves all of you...be slaves I will live free and Dom you.

  • As parents we need to teach obedience. Society does not support obedience. You have to do it quietly and from birth.

  • When I married my wife we would practice her submitting and obeying me. It was tough for her at times.

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