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This summer I decided to stay with my best friend and her family in Austin. I’ve known her since 7th grade and her family knows me pretty well. I could just be overthinking this but I think that her dad has flashed me twice while I’ve stayed with them. The first time I was alone in her room and her dad comes in with a robe but it was like tied loosely so I could see everything below. He came in and just asked me if I was enjoying Austin and other friendly questions ig. The second time was after swimming, they have those pool shower things where u can rinse yourself off. There’s 2 total and when I went to go rinse, he came right beside me using the other one and he faced towards me and did this thing where he didn’t pull his pants down all the way but took his hands and cleaned his ** quickly and let his ** out. I haven’t told my friend because I don’t want to sound disrespectful and for some reason I kinda like it? please tell me how I should approach this

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  • Fun or run

  • Darling. There is nothing more satisfying than the way an experienced man can make a young lady feel.

    Next time let him see that you like what you see and flirt a little. If your lucky you will get the best ** you ever dreamed of.

    The summer is half over. Don’t waste time. This could be the best summer of your life

  • I would love that to happen to me. I would be the happiest man on earth!

  • Oops, posted in the wrong spot. Disregard above post

  • Summer of 1994 I went spent the summer with my friend at a cabin they'd rented near a lake in Montana. I was a sophomore in high school and at the time only had ** with one guy a few times.
    That morning, my friend and her mom went to town to get supplies. I was on the track team so I went for a 12 mile run around the lake.
    I got back and her dad was standing on the back deck naked rinsing off. When he seen me he was startled. My eyes instantly checked out his massively thick **.
    I moved closer and gave him oral. He enjoyed it and got hard. I removed my shorts and begged him to put it inside me. He hesitated but I assured him I'm not a virgin and I was on birth control. I bent over the railing and he entered me easily. He lasted longer than my previous boyfriend, gave me my first ** and thankfully unloaded is warm sperm inside me.

  • My first was my mom’s boyfriend. There is nothing better than an experienced man.

    Except maybe a young man when you are my age. Those college aged boys last forever and get so ** hard

  • Hot. Would be good as its own confession for more views.

  • Agreed. Totally hot story

  • Thanks, I'm composing it now. After I got started typing, I started remembering more details of the event. I hope you enjoy when it gets posted.

  • Awesome story. I'm glad you let him and enjoyed his warm ** inside you. I wish there were more like you that knew what they wanted and weren't afraid to do it. The world would be a better place.

  • (Repost of my answer on duplicate post:

    This isn't very complicated.
    He's letting you know in no uncertain terms he wants to ** you. If you also kinda liked it, that means you're attracted to him also on some level. Now the only thing left is if you want to or not.
    Personally, I say life is short, go for it and ** his brains out and don't give him any ** about ** inside you, just let him. These things don't happen very often in life and I wouldn't want you to look back in several years with regret wondering why you just didn't go for it. But that's just me....
    On the other hand, if it's really bothering you, the next time he signals he wants some, just discreetly take him to the side, tell him you got the hint and you're not opposed to it, but you want to finish high school first.
    Those are really your only two choices.
    Good luck.

  • Female/42
    Back in my younger days, if my friends dad flashed is ** at me. I would have been all over it with my lips. Of course, my friend and I were part of a group of girls known to give oral to any guy that asked. LOL
    Those were the days.
    College was crazier too. lol

  • I was not innocent in high school, I had numerous boyfriends and was known to be a little wild.
    My best friend's dad knew that too because we lived in a small town. I guess I should mention he was divorced and raising M alone.
    I was spending the night and M went to bed. I stayed up to finish the movie. Her dad came home around 11:30pm, grabbed a beer and started watching the movie with me. We chatted. I was wearing a loose tank top with cheeky shorts. I noticed he was squirming and adjusting.
    I made my move.
    I gave him oral and we went to his room and had **.
    M found out but I still had ** with him a few more times.

  • Next time he flashes you, look directly at his ** and smile. Whisper a little "yes, thank you" that he can hear. If he's close enough, reach out and stroke it. You will greatly enjoy the results. It's worth any risk. Go for it, and you will be very happy. This sort of encounter can be the start of a very nice situation for you.

  • Never happened.

  • Believe or not I jus need advice

  • You should make him happy, ** him real good a talk dirty to him

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