My evil girlfriend...

My girlfriend is an evil genius. She did something so mean last Saturday night I have to give her the credit it deserves.
We have been together two years. And for two years I have tried to get her to do a 3sum with another girl. She always said no way and added she would never let me f*** another girl.
Well last Saturday evening she got me good. We have a pretty kinky s** life, lots of toys, restraints and stuff. She took me to the bedroom, ordered me to strip and sit down in a chair in the corner. She restrained my wrists and ankles to the chair, then blindfolded me. She began playing with my d*** but it felt strange, like she was putting something tight on me. When she finished she took of the blindfold and I was very surprised. She had put a chastity device /c*** cage on me! I asked her what was going on and she giggled, saying "you will see" as she walked out of the room.
About five minutes later she walked back in with one of her friends behind her. I didn't know the girl well but enough to know her name. Right in front of me they began to undress, got on the bed and started making out! For the next two hours they tortured me! They did everything I fantasized about. Eating each other out, doing a 69 and they even used a strap on. All the time talking dirty to me from across the room. It was so uncomfortable, my c*** was straining in the cage and couldn't get hard.
Finally they came over and let me loose. I thought I was going to be my big chance but NO!!! They told me if I was a "good boy" I could eat her friend out. She laid on the edge of the bed and spread their legs as my girlfriend pushed my head between her legs. I was very happy to do it, but it only made my situation worse. I was so excited and my c*** was actually hurting trying to get hard. I finally got her off. She grabbed her clothes and left, then finally my girlfriend took that damn thing off me as she laughed. I was p*****! She made it up to me by giving me access to the "backdoor", which is only reserved for special occasions. But GOD I wanted to f*** her friend!

Jun 27

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  • Be patient. I’m sure she will give you the chance.

    I teased my husband as well. But we have been enjoying 3ways with my BFF for more than 15 years now. I love watching Jim pound Andrea. And the best part is that I get to lick her clean

  • You've definitely lost the pants in that relationship.

  • Agreed. That wasn't cool. It's time to move on.

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