Meeting my future husband at the altar with the Bestmans ** still dripping down my inner thighs was not something i wanted to do ...but after a limo ** up and having him pick me up...somehow his idea of " C'MON WE GOT TO DO THIS BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED" seemed reasonable and i went for it...
it's been several months since then...i've called him several times and seen him at family get togethers....but he shows no interest.... was i a horrible ** partner? was there an issue with my looks ? am i left to wonder for the rest of my life? i would like to give it another try

Jul 5
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  • This is scandalous but quite hot. I remember reading some of these on other confession sites. Maybe it really happens.

    One was a woman that had her future FIL's swimmers up in her ** as she got married at the alter to the FIL's son. Another situation would be from her boss. It happened for sure with this Chinese middle-aged CCP official that kept an extensive diary of his conquests and he loaded up one of his mistresses the night before she got married.

    I think the most frequent would be bachelorette parties the night before where she gets creamed by a hot hunk (or two). Sperm live in the uterus for up to 5 days! LOL.

  • Are you possibly that stupid? What kind of hua are you, really? Your poor husband. Fvcking unbelievable.

  • You’re now married he only wanted ** before the marriage for fun concentrate on the man you married that you’re supposed to love.

  • Tell your husband. Then you will have plenty of opportunities to try.

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