I distrust men.

Ever since my divorce nearly 11 1/2 years ago, I have hated men. I have seen and heard so much about men,not just from my own experience but other women as well. Nearly all men cheat,lie,manipulate, have an alterior motive, controlling, jealous,don't support their kids, are immature, not willing to compromise, gawk at other women,are shamless, they're careless,biggest majority drink or do drugs,alot don't have good morals,alot of them curse. Lord the list could go on and on. Every time a guy messages me through messenger, they are either alcholics,drug addicts, perverts, and/or horn dogs. Some don't have any respect. Are there really any good ones out there? To me a wish for a good man would be like wishing for a Unicorn and a glorious mansion. I do however would give it a try in dating again but I know that probably will never happen again.

Jul 5

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  • Yes, good men exist. But whatever the chances are of you finding one, they go to almost zero with an attitude like that. Good men know their value and most of them aren't going to waste their time with someone who has a poisoned view of life from the start. You should talk with a therapist about your views on men before trying to start dating again.

  • Sure - it's all men's fault. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you at all...

  • Society/Government seem to be pushing people to their worst intentionally lately. F****** retarded government.

  • My ex-wife is a 4 times divorced complete piece of s*** who has nothing to do with her grown children and blames everyone for her problems. She also goes out of her way to cause as much damage to others as she can. Has it f***** me and her children up? Yes. It goes both ways. But I realize there are a lot of great women out there-pretty much every one that I dated before I married the garbage that I did.

  • You had a failed relationship and took it out on all men, surprise. You're basically like all these incel guys that leave women's crotches like deserts then trauma-bond with other incels about their failed relationships. I'm sorry but the truth hurts. Part of maturing is being brutally honest with how valuable you actually are. This world is ruthless, and everyone is just competing for themselves over everyone else. Don't speak to me, speak to yourself: what did you really offer that other women didn't? Only you can know if you are harsh with yourself.

    The worst thing single women do is go and trauma-bond with other women. Your friends want you single anyway; they are your competitors. Don't forget that there is an animal inside every human being. If George Clooney proposed all these crocodile tear friends of yours would hate your guts. As far as your dating future, it's pretty grim honestly, but I've seen worse. Just go to drink a big glass of water, go to bed, take a deep look at yourself and try again like everyone else.

    And the problem is not that men want s** so bad. All of us do. It's really just about what value he can add to you in the process. Lest you truly be one of these "all men bad" type of women, you clearly know a good man can because you yearn for one.

  • Your comment is very sweet. No,I am definitely not the type of woman that really believes that all men are bad. I feel as if most are because the ones I find to more of a gentlemen is someone that is just way too hard to find. Most people are just hard to trust and if at once your trust has been broken it's almost like they're is no turning back. One example I give is if you have 10 children playing on a playground and a sweet innocent puppy came up to play. 9 out of 10 children take turns kicking the puppy. Would that puppy have any trust in the one child that would never harm him? So you see,that his how I feel and I don't believe all men are bad but when most are it's hard to trust anyone and it's hard to tell the difference between a good guy and a bad one because often times the bad ones are disguised in sheeps clothing.

  • Also,it was one failed marriage, two men i dated dumped me for no good reason at all and my dad was abusive to me and the rest of the family when I was growing up.

  • Are you attractive? Are your hygiene habits up to par? Do you snore? Do you fart a lot? There's usually a common denominator. I think it's more likely your "I really don't trust men" attitude. Perhaps a therapist can help put you in a better state before trying to get in a productive, healthy and lasting relationship. I wish you luck.

  • Well… there you go.

    Abusive dad = mistrusting men.

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