Interesting, Very interesting.

My husband has hounded me for years, Basically since we met in college to have a 3 way, I always said no but not because the idea grossed me out or I was homophobic or any real sexual reason, Only because I didn't like the idea of bringing another person into our relationship, Finally for his 45th birthday I asked what he wanted and he told me a 3 way, Every year he would tell me the same thing and he always said it had nothing to do with him being with the other girl but more to do with me being with the other girl and him seeing/Watching/Being with me while I was with her.
I was having wine with my cousin who is openly lesbian and has a long time GF etc. and I "Hinted" at what my husband was wanting, I just wanted to see what their reaction would be, If anyone would be open to the idea I thought it would be them and that they could give me an unbiased...I don't even know...Opinion maybe. My cousins GF told me that when she was in her 20's (We are all early 40's BTW) she was with a guy and they had a 3 way with her friend and it was great, Strengthened their relationship and yada, yada, yada, My cousin had no input as she had never been with a guy but she openly admitted that she didn't think she would be a big fan of the idea.
So I went home with really no more helpful thoughts than before, I did consider the idea, I fully considered just going for it but had no idea where to start or who to ask or anything, I watched some 3 way videos when alone and did the play with myself while watching to see if it got me excessively worked up or anything but not really. Then one day my cousin invited me over for a glass of wine so I went as per usual and she and her GF said "We have been thinking about this", In my mind I was like "Oh s***" but out loud I said "Oh, And what were you thinking?", My cousin said "If you are considering this why don't you tell him it can happen but the other girl has to keep her pants on".
I burst out laughing and said "What???, I kinda doubt I can control that in the heat of the moment with another girl, It's not going to be something that is planned out and we draw out a game plan", My cousin said "Why not?, You totally could", I said "I doubt a girl is going to agree to go down on me and get nothing in return...aaaand I think he wants to see me be with her not just her with me" so my cousin said "Wellllll....Like we said we have been discussing this and (Her GF) says she will do it if I am ok with it aaaannnddd...I am but...". I kinda froze but set my wine down because I was scared I would spill it and the I said "But what?", My cousin said "I sort of want to watch too, But not in a weird way, I mean, I do want to watch her with someone and I know it's kind of weird that we are cousins but...I would watch", I said "Ok, Ok, Let me get this straight, You and (My hubby) are gonna what?, Hang out on the couch and have a glass of wine while the two of you watch us and just...Provide constructive criticism or????" they both laughed and her GF said "Hey, We did't say we had a plan, We just said we thought about it", I looked at her and said "And you...Are...Interested in this?", She scoffed and said "Pffft, H*** ya, You're hot, I'd do you" which made us all laugh, My cousin said "He would never even see it coming" and all of a sudden we were full on planning this out.
My husbands birthday was 3 weeks away and when the day arrived I was so nervous, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Lashes, I even got waxed which is normally only a "Pre vacation" thing, I tried on 7 outfits before selecting the one I knew he would most like but that wasn't out of the norm for me so I didn't look weird in front of everyone, When I walked out of the bedroom my husband stared at me and said "Oh my gawd sweetheart...You look amazing", I felt myself bush and played it off saying "Oh quit", He pretty much ever took his eyes off me all night, My mom came and picked the kids up at 9:30 pm so we could continue partying. Everyone was having fun and my cousin and her GF were playing it cool.
Couples started leaving and we were down to my cousin and her GF, Me and my husband and my husbands one dumb ass friend who was too drunk to realize everyone was hinting at him to leave, Finally my cousin and him were in the kitchen and he made an inappropriate remark to her and my husband called him a cab, My husband walked him to the cab as he apologized and then my husband came back, It was not weird for my cousin and her GF to be the last to leave so as my husband was walking back my cousins GF said "Wait till he sits down and then go sit beside him", My husband came back, Mixed a drink and sat down on the couch with my cousin next to him about halfway down the couch from him, I sat beside him with my heart racing and as she came out of the kitchen and bee lined toward me I froze.
I was at the point I was going to use my signal that I wanted to bail but my arms wouldn't work, I just stared at her coming across the room and I swear I was trying, I tried to lift my arms to flip my hair to the other side and they wouldn't move. She walked up, Straddled my lap and sat down, I looked up and made an involuntary moan sound, I think my husband almost had a heart attack from the look on his face and my cousins GF said to him "Happy birthday" and leaned in cupping my face and kissed me" the she looked at him and said "Ok, Rule #1, You get to watch but no touching, Rule #2...Well that's about the only rule", My husband blurted out "Ok".
We had pre determined that my cousin was not interested in getting involved, Not with us or with my husband but that if something should happen between them I was ok with it, I think being she is my cousin and she has no interest in men it just set my mind at ease that if she did do something it would be purely situational. We started kissing and groping and she slid down, Got on her knees and unbuttoned my top, I don' have great b**** but she got them out and was cupping and squeezing and sucking my nips, My toes were curling up and I was gasping for breath already, I reached over and grabbed my husbands bulge and in about 3.4 seconds he had his pants off and I was stroking his d!ck while my cousins GF worked her way down my body, She flipped my skirt up and I had nothing underneath which had been a bit nerve wracking all night trying to make sure I wasn't providing unplanned shows for everyone but she spread my legs and away we went, She leaned in and started licking and I don't even know what happened after that.
We were on the floor after a bit and she straddled my face, I know she had positioned us so my head was toward my husband so he could watch me lick her and then we did the full on 6-9, I did peek ad my cousin was sitting right next to my husband, He had one arm around her playing with her b00b and she was stroking him with one hand and herself with the other, but I went back to focusing on what I was doing, One word...AMAZING...That's what my cousins GF is, Amazing, She is an absolute master at her craft and brought me to major O's multiple times, Just over and over, Everytime I thought "Ok, There is no way, I am so done" she had just the right touch to almost instantly bring me right back.
My cousin later told me that my husband came 3 times, All 3 were with her jerking him and he got her off once on his own, She said "You're actually a lucky girl, I let him play with me and he...He knows what he is doing", Her Gf admitted that I got her off twice which she said wasn't abnormal but very appreciated lol, We must have spent close to 45 minutes doing it and then everyone was exhausted and ready to bring it to a close, There was a very awkward goodbye kiss between me and my cousins GF and another between my cousin and my husband which I didn't even expect but...
We crawled into bed and my husband was perfect, He never said a word until after he just wrapped his arms around me pulling me tight then he kissed my neck and said "I love you", I whispered "Happy birthday" and he held me there until I drifted off.

Jul 15

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