I hate going to church.

I used to go to a church where the preacher freaked out over me getting a staff infection and went behind my back and spoke to a few about my problem and had this lady at our church to call not because they were concerned, but because that gave her the opportunity to let me and my family members know that the preacher would not allow us to come back without bringing a doctors note. We went to another church and I have been attending for 2 years now. I am starting to dislike people there too. This lady is in her 70's,she goes over board with her friendliness,she knows everything about everyone in our tiny town, she blabs off about people when she doesn't know if that person wants things told like when the caronavirus was going around, she would blab off who had covid. A 12 year old girl from that church was and still is just down right rude and won't shake anyone's hand,won't help direct the kids when they get up to sing,and is hateful to them. Her 18 year old sister at the time during our Christmas play, was being extremely bossy to the kids. The preacher there I'm not so fond of. He used to be my elementary teacher but besides that, he has took a teen rape victim raped by a blood relative to get an abortion and nobody has the right to end an innocent babies life no matter what. He also takes his two grandsons to church and lets them be over ruly and doesn't want anyone getting onto them. At the former church this older man gets on my last nerve because he turns around stares,ask nosy questions, and when they had an Easter dinner he asked my then 6 year old daughter if she wanted her ham cut and she told him no and he told her ( when I wasn't around) that she was being ill mannered and that didn't make any sense to me. She didn't belch,fart,pick her nose or her seat put her feet or elbows on the table. So how the h*** is a child answering no to not wanting their ham cut ill mannered?

29 days

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  • These ant-religion screeds are written by the same loser.

  • It's all about power and control. Leave and don't look back.

  • That’s what governments are all about. Power and control.

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