Would like to see my dad get pulled over one day.

My dad took me and my mom to the mall today and on the way back to where we live, my dad came to an intersection with a traffic light and a road sign that read, "STOP HERE ON RED". The traffic light is red. What does my dad do? He makes a right turn even though the sign clearly says not to and he needs to wait for the light to turn green. My dad does this every time he's at an intersection with a traffic light. Lights red, a sign that says to stop on red or no turning on red and he'll still do it. Every time he does, I hope he gets pulled over by the police not only so he can get a ticket but, so I can also tell the cop my dad does this all of the time. Don't know if it'll ever happen but, maybe he'll lose his license temporarily and then he'll learn to respect the rules of the road.

19 days

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