Never become a landlord if you want to ruin your health!

Never become a landlord if you want to get into depression!! Tenants will s**** you over like there is no tomorrow!! Tenant thinks they have it, so hard to pay rent? Well guess what? So, do landlords!!!

Currently, we have this tenant that has been renting our house since 2019. We haven't evicted them yet due to covid and one the mom has recently done surgery! We rented to so we thought, "a nice family", but they were living h*** to deal with!! It was our first time renting which was our biggest mistake as we didn't check their credit as we didn't know how too!! When we first saw them, they seem eager to rent out place, which should have been a huge red flag!!! Never rent to someone who seems "too eager" to rent your property!!

They would not pay rent, even though they had money. First, the real h*** started when we first rented to them before covid. They would hog all of our backyard, bring around 5-10 people over every weekend, park their cars on our backyard when where we can't even walk on our backyard, and they were selling old used cars using our address!! All while not paying rent!! Leading (the owner and the family) cannot even play in our own front yard/backyard, since they are hogging every inch of it!! Also, they always leave their close in the laundry for more than 3 days straight! Sometimes even a week!! Leading the owner and other tenants to not be able to wash our clothes!!!

We have tried to tell them to leave, but they won't budge! They flat out said they want to buy our property and hog every inch of our house!!!

(So, how will you buy our property if you can't even pay rent)? That means they are lying, and you have money? If you don't have money, how are you going to buy the property?

lesson learned! Look out for red flags or just never become a landlord!

If you become a landlord, you will get

1. depression from the audacity of tenants with them not paying rent, not taking their laundry out of the washing machine after their done washing it!

2. The tenants will hog every inch of your house!

3. The tenants will not leave, and it will take forever to evict them!!

meanwhile, all the tenants have full time jobs, since they all work remotely during covid and still did not pay rent! While I the owner, did have a job during covid-19!

15 days

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  • Best of luck. Report them to whatever is the appropriate place in your locality so at least there is a date.

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