Lesson learned from the 'real world'

I'm 39. The number scares me. I'm an 'empowerment coach' for women. I made a living until the pandemic shut down offices and groups, my client base has always been corporations. It's only then that I had to deal from a position of powerlessness. You can't project power if the powerful don't let you. No power structure, nothing to project.

I moved in with a friend, female, divorced, powerless. I managed a couple of remote sessions a week but not enough to pay the bills. My uncle gave me an allowance. A man paid my way. After 18 months, living with a friend not paying rent, my uncle sending me money, I couldn't project power, I was frustrated, depressed.

A friend, an attorney 'gave' me a job as a receptionist so I could get benefits. I never saw him at work, his office was not available to the receptionist. Instead this twenty six year old very attractive junior attorney served him coffee, and sucked him off under his desk. He was her 'mentor'. She had power, the power to keep me from seeing him in the office.

I never was able to project power from the reception desk. Not the clothes, not the body language, not the 'look', not the behavior, not the words, not the attitude. But a 26 year old, on her knees, got all of his attention. When at a party months later I confronted him, he answered she knew how to please and I was too old for that. In other words be thankful you have a paycheck, with benefits.

I have not been able to resurrect my consulting business. I quit the reception job out of anger, my uncle transfers me an allowance twice a month, I live with my equally powerless divorced friend, I'm working the front desk at the Museum for the bills and benefits.

Power is a function of who allows you project power, I've learned that the hard way. And for some women they have power by getting on their knees. I understand that now. Big corporations, and government offices, play the game, they let you pretend you have power. You really never do.

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  • You still have power over yourself and that's all the power any of us ever have. Power beyond that is an illusion created by cooperative effort with others that can end at any point. The only thing you've really lost is power you never had, and you gained perspective, so in the end this experience is a net positive, despite how painful it is. Direct your frustration into self improvement and your fortunes will turn around.

  • I think power is an illusion. It's a bit like the op's note about you have power because people let you. Like the victim and the bully.

    Yes men have physical power. In general physically stronger than women and that meant they could bully women. Physically.

    Women learned how to get things done in less obvious ways and by quietly taking advantage of men (or other women)

    To me the woman who sleeps her way to the top good on her.

    I think it's wrong that #metoo means men who got their way are now punished but the women who benefited are seen as victims.

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  • Women have no power except the power that rich and powerful men give them or allow them to have. Corrupt, morally weak and powerful men elevate women at the expense of men. The elites use female empowerment as a tool to suppress their male completion. Female empowerment has crashed our birth rate and destroyed our families leading to the eventual extinction of western civilization. You're part of the problem and now you're getting your just deserts.


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