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Last night whilst my boyfriend and I were having s** he told me if I climaxed before he gave me permission I had to do whatever he asked of me today. So, what he has told me to do is come on this site and ask you what I should wear for the next week. He said the options are:

a) very tight and very short denim miniskirt with i) a lacy thong or ii) no knickers
b) very short floaty sun dress with i) a lacy thong or ii) no knickers
c) with a butt plug in or no butt plug.

And whatever gets the most votes I have to wear and also come on here and tell you anything you want to know about my experiences.

Just so you know, I’m a 22 year old girl and I work in an office but we have casual work clothes so I can wear whatever I want (you want!).

Susie P

Aug 9

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  • Hi guys
    Thank you for your replies. My boyfriend has read them too and he was very happy to see what you chose. OMFG - should have known you would choose short floaty sun dress and no knickers - and a butt plug in!! Hmmm!!! I wore it for the first time today. Never been so anxious going to work and I could have sworn the other ladies knew but I didn’t tell them. But it was hard to do some filing on the floor without showing my bare p****. I have never worn a butt plug in the office before but it felt really good and actually being naked underneath a really light dress was a turn on all day (had to take it out for a bit as a t got uncomfortable but put it back later). Bit humiliated but hoping for no dramas tomorrow especially as more people are due in the office.
    Susie P

  • Def option C, let us know how it goes

  • First of all, Susie, you are dumb as s*** if you let your boyfriend tell you when you can c**. Wearing short dresses with no panties is very sexy, you can do that all the time, you'll be hot.

  • B ii

  • I find this hard to believe.

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