Taking advantage of my Mom's brain injury to cover bad spending

My mom (who I live with) recently had a traumatic brain injury that hospitalized her for months, and the road to recovery is long. I didn't take it very well and ended up spending over $4000 dollars on a gatcha game as part of my terrible coping mechanisms. I ended up converting to a flip-phone as part of breaking the addiction. Now that she's home, I'm too cowardly to confess what I did, and just tell her the truth when she asks how much money I have. Her brain is so scrambled that she doesn't notice the discrepancy between what I had before and what I have now. So I am just... getting away with it.

I've ** away money that was given to me to prep for university on what amounts to a scam for the easily addicted, and no one is holding me accountable, and I'm apparently not man enough to hold myself accountable beyond stopping after two months of being a whale.

I hate this.

Next Confession

I'm a ** up

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