As a kid I got off when climbing a pole!

That ever happen to another guy?
I discovered by pure accident one time when climbing a steel pole as a kid that it felt really really good in my ** when I had this pole between my legs and was trying to scoot up it. I only made it a short distance up the pole because of my weak arms....but dang that made me feel naughty...but it sure felt so good!
I've never seen this mentioned anywhere by anyone - before.
And I've never mentioned it to anyone since it happened over 60 yrs ago!
I don't feel guilty about it - just curious.
Am I the only one who had this experience?

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Mid 20s, white ,blonde ,blue eyes,male

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  • I had the same experience. I was embarrassed that possibly other kids or teachers would know what I was feeling. Now I know some did know. Must be the muscle groups stained to get up.

  • I'm the OP - geez glad to learn I'm not too weird! So others have experienced the thing with climbing a pole :-) I honestly had not thought of it in decades....but I do remember that whatever it was that was going on "down there", it felt g o o d !!

  • Thanks for memory. It was a metal pole to a jungle jim at school. My first time I had that pleasurable feeling was that pole. I lived several blocks from school and would go back to the playground and climb that pole.

  • Yes I had the same experience. I was in first grade climbing a pole and had the most intense ** of my life

  • I remember when I was about six I had what sounds like the same thing happen to me. I was on the play ground and I began to climb this 4" pole. I got up about 3 ft when I got this strange feeling in my **. In a way it felt good and I didn't want go any farther. I had no idea about masturbating at that time. As far as I know I didn't ** but it really felt good. It happened a couple of times. Since then I have never been able to get it to happen again. Maybe there was something about that particular pole. I'm 67 years older and doubt I could repeat it now.

  • I used to talk to a woman who admitted to me that when she was a girl, she'd climb up the metal pole supporting the washing line in her garden and rub herself on it through her clothes, and then as she came she would usually wee in her knickers at the same time!

  • I now know the word to describe me as ** but as a kid I did not know the word. I used to put a cassette tape case in the ** of my undies. The sharp edges would cause mild pain and that made me feel good.

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