I remember when I had my very first job few years back. I worked there for few months but due to health issues I had to resign. However, the company never wanted me to leave. So, I received an interesting offer from them too. I appreciated the hard work and I never I brought positive changes within the company before leaving.

I honestly never worked for month, but it's an essential need but the only reason I began working is to develop skills, gain hands on experience and gather money for tuition fee. Otherwise, I enjoy my work no matter how challenging it is. No matter how many mistakes I made and make, I've been supported and appreciated for my efforts.

I recently resigned my job (sorry, can't tell the reason). However, the boss of the company insists me to stay since he's mentioned and appreciates my hard work. He's offered me a position that never existed in the company, but I'm the first one on the list. I couldn't resist. The company, employees and clients I work for all feel like a family now.

I feel so honored.

[ PS: I never mentioned this to anyone, but I'd like to leave this message here. Thank you for reading. (: ]

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  • Thank you for the confession.

  • Finally something happy and full of life! Congratulations hope they treat you well

  • Thank you (:

  • Lovely to see something positive here. Good on you. Best of luck.

  • Thank you! (:

  • I apologize for the writing even I don't know what I wrote.

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